Essay 1


Considering events that shaped my life, I recall One, from another mother, who became my brother, during its stay within this frame of my life…  Working for a living, and toiling at my job from 9 to 5, my eyes caught a puppy in a window, as I was passing by, just another day along my way of getting to work. Two pups, rubbing noses into the glass and fogging it up with their breaths’ intentions. Tails wagging dogs, and bustling all about their pen to explore, and get out, busy about their instincts to rummage about their surroundings and find some friends..

And that’s where I stepped in, to change their scene and mine, little, had I known of it at that time. The shop owner says “that one, that One right there! She escapes all confinement and opens other animals’ cages! If I don’t find a home for her soon, I’ll have to take her to another facility (pound)…”. Then I replied, without thinking of personal obligations, “well here I am, but you ask too much, as I am a poor man.” He replied without hesitation, “take her now and I’ll give you food too!!” The store owners’ end, but just the beginning for me, and my new friend.

Sometimes you trip over what you’re not looking this was the case in my journey, not seeking, but finding…another life, awaiting another branch, of their resonance, to reach out to…

Taking the dog home, I stopped in at a liquor store, while walking away from its caged storing place.  Thinking inside, why we’re all taken for rides, and with whom..placed in cages, corrals, and pens, then listed for sale. Purchased with what intentions, and future obligations that have never crossed our minds.. buyers, sellers, users, abusers and opened loving arms, whom gets picked, by whom, and why do the picked not get to decide…

I walk in the door, of my boss’ store, with a tail-wager next to me. The boss says “let him go, or she you say, okay, see what she’ll do..”. After a bit, we all got more comfortable, I, and my boss chatting of the next days’ goals, and the little brown, sniffing around. Carrying on, our conversation comes to an abrupt halt, as a bottle sounds of breakage, hitting the ground, and only one pre-conceived culprit.. the dog, nosing around, must’ve found, more than we bargained for! Rising from our comforts, we flee to the ruckus, finding a face and tongue, licking the breakage, then noticing us, with our bugged-out eyes taking in all that’s been going on.. scold the tramp, then clean the scene, cussing, under-breath, at my new so-called friend. Feelings of letting someone down, begin to frown my face and thoughts, of taking-on such a task, of being responsible for another being, regardless of fault. Feelings swell, to what have I gotten myself into now?!

Turns out, within the shouting-out, of my empirical thoughts, I didn’t give the other side a chance, to become evident, until after my anger was discoursed to innocent parties. Taking the brunt of my curses, stands a smiling face, wagging… crackles in the heart unveil what’s inside, feelings begin to warm and try to understand why she doesn’t… of what transpired, and who’s to blame..and why I’m stuck cleaning it up!

A bottle of whiskey, broken into pieces, all over the ground, and her tasting it, to see what it is, or not. But wait, just one moment, as what’s on the shelf, from where the bottle came? A dead rat, evidently the cause of what’s been going-on. At her personal expense, or injury, this hunter exploded on the scene of its hatred towards rodents. She spotted, and made the kill, to neither of our awareness’ that a rodent issue existed, until now.  This would become my initial understandings into the mind of this outsider, now in, to make her presence known, into mine, and deeper into my depths, finding instinctual resonance in-common along our future ways.

I cuddled her, and shamed myself for prejudice unkind, and unwinding it upon her earlier. The boss likes what he sees, and doesn’t complain, seems he has a job for this “new hire”, “now what is her name” he grins. “Well whiskey made the racket, so let’s call her that, as I’ll be paying for it out of today’s check!” I replied. “Let it pass”, he continues, “as the end result comforts me! Let’s leave her in the store for the next few days, to clear the building of unwanted characters, then, you can bring her back once in awhile, to visit the store”.

Having made her first impressions, Whiskey and new companion moved along our days and lives growing closer, and communicating without words.  Just by looks and gestures, we got on the same page of my and her intensions.  Looking at her, I move my eyes to peer towards the side, towards the door from inside the house, and she knows it’s time to go, somewhere… Days and nights grew closer still, walking at the beach; hunting for rodents.. she even stood-up to a rattler one instance, towards my protection, and to my shagrin.  All ended well, as I finally convinced her of no threat, and we need to be on our way.   But we worked and played together, as brothers, sisters, or common denominators.  I worked on buildings, fixing their broken pieces, while she worked on patrolling the place for anything that didn’t belong on the scene.  Providing lip service, to potential thugs and thiefs along our remodeling ways, she was the consummate protector and pleaser.  Going into rough areas of the City, was of no consequence now…

Whiskey opened my eyes, heart and soul to what another may bring to your Being, and enhance your living.  Could anyone, or anything be your destiny, when fate lends its hand in your making yours someone elses?  Connections come and go, some close, some not so much, but in recalling the priceless ones, and savoring the Ones we hold close in this present moment, temporary, is all may hold onto.  Closeness, love, affections and connections keep the feelings eternally churning within the Being, to express and return from whence it came, resting in peace, with each other.

Beside me in walks, hikes, playing and frolicking, together, both growing up and maturing, one from a pup, one from a boy into a man, and their interwoven stories, of Beings, together.

2 thoughts on “Essay 1

  1. Thats a beautiful story and a great way to look at life in general… The way paths cross… Always look for the deeper meaning resting there in every interaction meant simply for our greater innerstanding of self. They say a dog is a mans best friend… Ive known some dogs to be a womans best friend as well… All in the perspective of learning and growing! But the greatest of these is when a womans love becomes a mans best friend!


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