Why, Because They Say So!

Why must everything be, that is institutionally trained, always raining sht on its parades? Institutional mazes meant to keep one from consummating their spirit, minds, loins, and loved ones thought to be within their care but shuffled by their controls and system that function minimally, maximizing their spread instead. Not to ones’ benefit, need, or desired outcomes. Break a limb, tear a tendon, let it all hang out, and onto their obstructed views from corporate news of treatments to their patients, carrying your carcass in and out different doors of the established BS going-round these squares. Putting round pegs in square holes, and brushing them off as they send you on your way. Learned doctors and nurses, healthcare professionals maintaining what they see fit, to meet insurance carriers’ rifts, and obligations, now exclusions, unless, and until all band-aids have been applied, removed, and exhausted. Give ’em therapy, exercise, or inject them with cortozonal hormones, whatever it takes, to maintain bottom-lines, and keep the carriers from paying, as that’s now at your body’s expense within this matrix.

Read and research, do the math. Experts recommend surgeries at earliest opportunities, not delaying, nor by building muscles and functions therapeutically around the diseased infection. Bulk-up all around the sore, make them work in its stead. What gifted knowledge this, of medical practitioners? “Forget it, do the best you can with the rest”. Sirius le? These cats are on the prowl, of giving what’s expected and saying their lines, to fit the insurance module. Who’s the doctor, and who has patience, silly, physical little ones, thinking that they’re helping by showing care, or not, then sending you out. Helping themselves, turns-out, and their carriers.. ships in the night, of battleship rights, they maritime the laws with the healthcare rites. Keeping, and maintaining jobs, working for a whore with only a few gains, money and disease handed-out. Play buy the rules or lose your patients, let’s see how they like the mistreatment, physicians promoted to carriers, who are in charge now?

Having to be your own guide, counselor, administrator, nurse, and practitioner so that you know what’s really going on, the poor take on the brunt, not of a volunteer, but cast, as that’s what the mass and their political puppets desire, they keep spreading it on, thicker, and wider as they come on. See it in the rules, the laws, the reforms.. all the work of officials, senators, representatives, lawyers, and special interests. Now go out and vote for another one… Another band-aid, from another so-called professional, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing to devour the innocence. So high up, their learnings, sense, and perspectives, that all is nonsense, to the peasant. And of those that tyre of this nonsense, and never go back to get well.. just as the main craft carriers had previous planned (their r.o.i.), knowing a high percentage will drop off their radar, forever, lowering costs (hints of the social security system, none such, as a coincidence). Who are the doctors, and who makes the rules, when care is distributed, or not, by pre-disposed rules, to meet pre-disposed guidelines? Must be the point… take humanity out of their equation, to turn a profit and build the coffers. Then, they may steal back, borrowing against it, and leveraging for it, in their stock market plays. Seems investors, and their managers, are doing the doctoring now, even in markets. chew on that… and what else may be played, upon beings.

The middle and upper classes say we don’t pay, excepting our bodies and minds, to be experimented upon by the administrators, exercising their right to do and say so, and asking why the poor can’t pay more. Get ’em paying into the system, and of our taxes, just raped and pillaged by their representatives, so we gotta start saving again, at our expenses. Can’t pay, so the poor deserve to flounder, within a paid system of bureaucrats, and their paid informants, working for the mass, and leaving them also floundering, and calling, for no more handouts… didn’t Ebenezer say, “aren’t there jails, orphanages, and institutions to be fed”?



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