9/20, 10/1, 10/10, three elevens going to sixes now, 2019 brings (nonexistent things) coincidences out…

Something significant feels what’s flowing through the vessel of a date, but not a human so-called time stamp to put a finger on the exact moment that a higher consciousness intervenes onto the skies and eyes of some people in the northern hemisphere. Apparition, in the center of our spheres’ upper regions, legions will be seen and pointed at, but the real action is taking place on the ground. All I’m getting is a mass conscious pulling views into a scene to pull off a task when “their eyes and views are locked in the news, of unknown origin, while the true knowing is undertaken”.

Sensing they’re after the government or covert operators, militants dealing with dimensions over their head, and blowing a hole in the ozone. Sounds like the dark ones, coming into the mind, of an atlantean kind, when the dark ones blew a hole in the earth, and their world came tumbling down. That’s the impression that I’m getting, maybe more in days that come, as the waning moon above always contributes to my incoming activity, “when I’m in the mood”. Just an intuition, for now.

9202018 is 22, broken down by elevens standing together, adding eleven more gives us 10012018, putting together makes the first steps, placed on 33, a parallel as well… Sounds ominous maybe, but it’s not. Only hinders those with control, who are strengthening the seal, on the lid of what vibrations we bring into our sensing field. Seems that what they’re doing will have another effect, than what their so-called intelligence suggests, maybe CERN, the culprit?

History repeats and keeps doing it again in different and encompassing ways. Man repeatedly tries to change the living realm. Which is good, if not filled with darkness and let out, never doing the Great Work, and trying shortcuts with technological advances. Never in-tune, or in sync with the subconscious, seeking to join their story. Unconscious, never brought along, just taken for rides, and kept in the dark. Typical man, no intuition using only scientific endeavors built upon sandy foundations, always playing with theories, and trying to prove beliefs right, rather than finding the truth in their course, and applying it further in their computations.

There are also others I sense, working on closer inner ties to what they’re bringing out, but they’re using remote viewers, psychics, and mediums to slave their path. Using them, then cast them away like refuse, after pushing them to their psychological limits. Seems of a state/run production, maybe ours… But the enslaved really want to help, just taken in with the impersonation they aren’t aware of or don’t acknowledge, can’t tell, from here. Really good, these teams of (inner) viewing, just don’t understand why they don’t consider spiritually higher… to have these gifts and set them free to return (as I invoke Send them also to me) but using them for man, not the spirit. I get the path, of feet on the ground, mind in heavenly abodes, I do it myself, but not for lower strategic endeavors… puzzles, but with no feelings, clearing of this enclosed structure.

‘Tis a beautiful day, now I move on, to my lower body and into whatever flows. Roses, flowers, and blooms, conditioning and overtaking this ones’ spiritual endeavors, with roots wrapped around Hers, umbilical chord in-place, waiting for the next show…

2 thoughts on “9/20, 10/1, 10/10, three elevens going to sixes now, 2019 brings (nonexistent things) coincidences out…

  1. The wolves are getting ready to come out and play again… I can feel them. Thirsty with their lust of desire, thirsty to drink from the energy of the moon. Time for my retreat within of inner knowing for harnessing my power all to myself… It seems selfish but its not. Careful what you wish for when wishing upon a Star… You might just get the Sun! ☀


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