Higher Intellegence?

The buzz around, the Annunaki, and we are them.  Boy doesn’t this line of thinking ever occur within the minds below, mostly men, that it is truly “a line”, so stop thinking…  Annunaki, boys with toys who couldn’t hold their britches up in the name of true Love.  Boys wrestling and wrangling as brothers often do, check the histories throughout (perceived) time.  Immatures, running around, clowning around with emotions, lives, and peoples.  Bullys on the beach, lock-up your daughters.  Sirius Ly, you cannot be.  Maybe for you, but not of we…

Ahh, Pleadeans, you say, that’s the way… (damn, this gets old. Older than them)  Picking polars, and opportunities, who invented civilizations in southern quarters?  Always pointing, and looking to exterminate the Others, now who is better?  Feminine feel, of nurturing qualities, until you question authority, facing a mothers vengeance.  Empathetic Ones, becoming two’s and much, much, more nowadays, sensing sevens.  Feelers, but not feeling what we’re sensing, sensing gone long ago from their within, just feelers and builders now.  Why choose at all, lessers, of what you’ve become if you only knew…

Higher ones, as you say, have never heard such a feeling that you embrace on your child’s face.  They have never heard, in their head, feelings such as these to carry with them, instead, serving it up discretionally.  Reaching, fighting, in and outside themselves, enslaving, civilizing the Essene parties.  Manipulating sources, sourced, sorcering, masons building higher structures, flattening predecessors in their climbing.  Hypocritical Abrahamic chastisers, and priestly classes monk the classes below…wtf.  These are higher?

All okay, they’re different now, you understand. (here we go again)  Coming back to equalize the previous traumas and karmas, not revealing that they’re the original cause, now directing solutions to channelers below.  Does any of this come from Sourced, or is history again, repeating itself, in another way, another history in the winners making?  keep following, or go to the Source.  Maybe of One, as your scribes eloquently channelize, not from Love, but from feelings, vibrations, frequencies and chords with opinions and preconceived views to taint the view.  Maybe of One, but not of We.

They rest, imprisoned by their masculine makings and civilizations that bind their subjects directly to their underlings.  How could it be, as you proclaim it to be, that they made you and me?  Hues of real in men and women… with their fanciful ideas and findings, then stroking them all around.  It’s always about what’s been dug up, found, the rabbit hole and its conditions, dramas and reality shows along the paths of what is desired to understand.  Then serve it in a box, and deliver it with a bow tied on top.  Many thanks and blessings to all.  just not of we… one side roars and lashes, the other wars in a tantrum.

Observing the goings-on, and not getting along, with inner resonators, nothing required to believe.  Unchanging, no deals or barters from little ones above and below their perceptions of ancestral rootings, flyings, and burials…  What the heart does or doesn’t know, is that it always has, in abundance, growth, and potential.  Characters such as these Ones, put a lid on it, caged within their conditioning.  One of a side, One of all for one, but Who Are You, Really, but the babe in the woods, mature enough to have morals, not clinging to what is forced or coerced upon you, but within you, the stream still pools, from Her and you, gaining in momentum to fall and crash from the streaming and crashing below.  Stop looking outside, for within is trying to light your night to get out, and spread you all about, in light without forms, structures, conditions, or creations from small minds with larger intentions of capturing your mass.  Not a noun, nor a plain verb, these are not of we to stay-in-place, building structures and making offerings.  Or, to follow your previous ways through imperialistic thought patterns.

Wonder, wonders all, even of what’s been Sourced, and how close to its… and its material counterparts, building walls, and skyways paved over and through Her matter, discounting Her existence, and potential, changing courses, views, and musings from seeing the light of day, from our Spark within… always sovereign and free to rise up against them all… Things such as these, your Annunaki will never see or know, beings caught-up in themselves, and the side-shows they deluge.  Devolving spirits casting upon their (perceived) lesser ones.  Always casting shadows upon the rest in us, and where to find our peace of mind that started all of this mess…

When All is Lost, And Nothing Left Standing Is Worth Fighting For, that is where we start, not an end to our plight from warring hordes, but the beginning of the rainbow at the end of tribulations, caused by small hearts and dull minds void of the heart that gave them consciousness.  Amidst all of your fighting, causes or diseases, the suppressions, manipulations, or beatings worth bleeding for… never learning why the need, to fight or lead, build or breed, or need any subservient materials or bodies, of a Being in any need, at all… higher so-named gods, seeds of destruction from original masonic plantings.  silly boys, tricks are for kids, candies and toys paving similar roads for building, or traversing their own steps of ebb and flow through humans kind and gentle nature, changing its streaming and structure into a believer, not knowing what it’s seeing, but only by believing in the Others, and following, where it leads them, like many civilizations have done in the paths before, supervised by others intentions…

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