What’s Love Got To Do

Out of Love… doesn’t come an understanding, nor condition, but stays, and doesn’t leave, taking the next train or theory. Love doesn’t follow, get in your way, or make you stay… while we attempt to drag it along with us, wherever we stay, like baggage, sometimes missing in action. Then, pitching a fever until it’s recovery is made known and observed. Funny thing, Love is always there, never leaving, although at times we can’t find it, like the car keys, anywhere.

Out of Love, doesn’t come empathy, nor compassion, as that means it’s discretionary, absorbing feelings contained to polarize or equalize. Love is only felt when it is changed, charged or drained, from its resting place, from one degree to another. Love doesn’t become other things, such as feelings, as these are emotional traits, simply “feelers” to find your way back, or knot, to the staying…

When outside influences say that You Can’t Take Anything With You, this is One, that you can, it is always with you. Never leaving, never going unless cast aside, souly raising its vibrations until told to stop making such a racket to those in-study next door… reading, researching, teaching, and weeding out those not joining the institutional investment worth paying a price for…

Out of Love, comes a new earth, or not. Not wishing to come out, nor go in, Love patiently awaits its owners’ arrival. To become clear to the individuals understanding, not Loves, it has none to clear from. Love already is and was, and will always be again, eternally being there, waiting to be accepted again, just as any loyal friend. What becomes of them, Love enjoys the backseat ride, but it’s only apart and close, not charting its own course, being in the back of the bus… carry-on luggage, to be dispersed on special occasions.

Out of Love, nothing is done but is always evolving and continuum. out of Love, we don’t need to comprehend facts, figures, stars, and their alignments. There exists no need of Love, as there is plenty of Love to go around. Some are just more stingy with it than Others. Love substantiates the needs, wants, and desires, desiring in-return only to be taken in again, and to be spread around…

Love is, out of it, in the thick of it, close, far, hugging, dreaming, caressing, or waiting, but it always comes back to ask and stay, forever, for a day, or however long your heart endures enough to stay, without its asking you to…

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