Off On a Tangent

Later in the morning, as my conscious became aware of others feuding in the next room… I arose to the clatter, peering what’s stirring in matter. Two little boys playing with their electronic devices, playing its game, and each other. One teasing the other, the other making a scene of his dismay. So I cut the herd and split them up, one to another room, each now in their own corner, to play unabated and carry on from where they left off, not knowing this, at the time.

Sitting back down and resting my clavicle to be just as quickly raised for more stirring, from the same place, from the same room… raising up the vessels’ resting weight, wondering what now is the matter. Seems the separation didn’t include the clause pre-arranged by technicalities… tech devices, in other rooms, ready at the will, of an unfriendly adversary, contemplating his payback to the scene-maker, from a separatist’s position. Taking and wielding his payback weapon of choice, the hand-held device that communicates his intentions to its directed course, teasing the whining and causing more, and laughing at his score, from beyond physical sight and locked in the comfort of his abode. Chuckles look up at the locked door, comforting thoughts of his genius and skill, to keep teasing and not get caught up in its aftermath, behind closed doors with mind set on bringing reactors to task. Just keep digging in, and cause a reaction, done many times before and likely many times more..

With one crying at his technological based games’ demise, from the other guy, out of sight but close enough to feel…his wrathful spite being handed-down to another screen, held there by his brothers hand. Boys… I feel as the cats at-times, run for cover, and come out when all has been cleared.. after the battles, feuding, and arguments being bombarded upon the innocence below, waves of destruction leaving little standing, of morality’s consciousness. Just physical games, turning into mental breakdowns and bent feelings… all for the sake of a game, now playing out in their physicality’s stream, streemed from frequencies of a non-human origin. But hey, it’s just a game…just a show, a movie, just the way people talk now, as their kids profane their social media community, not knowing, what the subconscious is made of and for, sending shadows topside to even scores… even from little boys, learning what serves them, in life, and who wins, and how deviant the conquer may become, just being a game, hurting the other one…

Without feeling, thinking, or considering, I unlocked the door, not having a key, by force, unlocking what’s holding its key to the currents being promoted from within its protected space, lies comfort, clueless of what’s invading his space…sounds of slams, and pounds on the door, raising fright in what’s contained snuggling inside. Breaking the door down, the tiny face I see is in shock, face turned white, at his sight of me. Unbelieving his comfort just shattered, by a shattering door, assumed locked forever, until its locker grew weary of his digs. Mind coitus shocks the boy, not believing his eyes or mind, as his world view just came tumbling down.

The unfeeler (not taking sides or positions, only what’s right or wrong) breaking down the door is just sensitive to bullying, and won’t tolerate the teasing, not playing their head games, he strikes their comforts down. No more mind games now, no locked doors to hide behind. “I’m sorry, but I don’t play such games, it ends here and now”. Having broken the door, and damaged the boys’ pride, I send him love and tell him I protect and stand for family and what’s right, or wrong. You’re wrong, now it’s implanted within you, what’s right and wrong, in my view to you. This is where I come from, as I have been bullied also before, as a young boy, but not acting as one…still don’t, not a typical boy, please consider that, if you wish to know me more.

Bent feelings and thoughts previously on different destinations, before hell broke into their heavenly abodes, to change their courses, and intentions. Playing together now, they inner lick their wounds and get along…for the time being, this moment in their time, they’re becoming what they’re being, a Being maturing in a vessels growing body… receiving input, like it, or not, from this grinch of today’s gifting…

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