Empathy, Out …

Feeling the frowns from daze gone by as they grow and weigh the vessels that allow themselves to remain containers…containing lights, sights, and sounds of days gone bye, holding them in, the feels that weigh the downers and weight of your consciousness to remain in humans’ typical thought patterns, or blowing-up your place, and making space…spaces for nothing, to allow in only what you wish, for keepsakes, shedding anything not of You, and raising awareness of what’s your surroundings. Do you notice, observe, or feel subtly or only weights and measures of creation, and it’s inhabited conditioning… anything not of we…your making, taking, spinning, and taking sides and going for emotional rides from others’ energy expansion…take out the trash, within you, rising and “setting” within your bowels…who enhances diseases and afflictions, when they’re in you, weighing the sacrificial rite conditioning…

Advertisers slowly overtly overtake the sub below, know it, see it, don’t be it. Those not of we, must leave, cancel their undertakings and take out the refuse you didn’t refuse be fore…Beings, now within to populate your humble abode. Why do we keep allowing in what clearing doesn’t welcome, agreeing and submitting to commercial enterprise…entering subliminally in words, pictures, and views, highlighting emotional ties that bind until we unwind…more than rest, taking out the trash and not signing on to any more emotional grasping or contracts that bind the agreements sealed by signing doctrines of masculinization of our world, and your mind…seeing one side, and not the shadows along for the ride, just as yours do. As the sun rises, you see all in clear view, or, do you. The moon and shadow are always still there, in the background, out of view, but still reflects back, like it, or knot. Reflections, of direct light, sunlight, heat, and waves, as above, so below, you’re making your own weather patterns…to store, drizzle or come crashing down when the system carries the right conditions, raining on parades, or snuggling in hugs, what is allowed to stay, or go…do you even know. Do you weather inner storms, or do they weather you, do you care, whereupon they rise and grow, do you care when the whey of the world is on your shoulders, driving you down.

Backseat driving is for passengers, allowing driven vessels to destinations out of their control, of unknown origins and endings, buckle-up, for life-long bumpy rides while nagging and complaining to unknown drivers, who discount your discourse while driving it further away from your source…

Not picking up hitchhikers anymore, and driving owns intentions, will, and New Testament. Born again, every morning rising awakened to mental abuses and shadows boxing into thinking and believing, not the observing and knowing, of staying in your owned lane, of your owning and choosing of your own thoughts and conditioning to consciousness.

Tune out commercials, and programming of all types, stay in your willed, focused lane, changing lanes only when you decide, not swayed by flesh out in front to hide what it contains consumers to be, routinely consumed by consuming more of the same refuse, and asking for more, that’s their game, at your expense, wilting the flower that wants to bloom from its transformation…what’s stagnating, de-evolving, or raising. Love, Light, the transformation of being, to Being.

*Joseph Suglia: Book “Table 41” (Available on Amazon)

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