People are flowers, growing to bloom…

During the growth we experience weeds, toxins, and human abuse from some who get close and make the heartache, damaging our roots in the process.  But if we’re planted firmly, and weather the pain bought out to bare from it’s conditions, another bloom eventually opens when allowed to grow, not staying stagnant in the tears but washed by them, to baptize the mind into figuring out the story of what the heart is crying out, to be heard, felt, and touched by another heart that has the where-with-all to let it rain and pour out of what you got built up inside, no such a thing of time, but timing within your heavenly body, a temple that may be destroyed from the inside or outside pushers… You decide, but it’s not the real work so keep moving on and past currents and conditions making their presence known, to stay and wallow in.  Stay, wallow til dried eyes no longer contain contaminated memories, fears, loss, and loves, keep them, strained as your puffed eyes feeling too ashamed to be seen, by judgemental clear eyes not in a position anymore to empathize with the compromising feeling sinking within their thinking of what you may be going through…

Embrace the moment, be in the moment no matter the length it takes, take a day, a week, or more this is the real you.  Don’t keep it in, comfort it out and get out the tissues.  Touched within you, are bodily tissue too, branded by the hurt and damaging your goods, and bads, you realize this…not all of them, are from without but held down til now.

Start growing now, you don’t know it, but love wants to get back on track of blooming, now that it’s firmly transplanted with your tears towards understandings, lessons, and your growth.  Cut the vine it branches out, dear, in different directions bending, consorting, and reaching to its resonance, of another flower in another field, sensing your reflection when thinking back on their directions, losses, tribulations.  Now flowing on in the love leftover but never known at the time of closing their flowering personification, from the hurt before that came and stayed to wilt the flowering.   But nature provides, as pollen and auras of other flowers catch our intention to release the love kept away for a rainy day and wallowing in it, whenever the feelings arise.

But we are flowers, growing and blooming in one way or another.  To be stomped on its foundational desire to be loving, giving and receiving of the nurturing.  Realize, some flowers are from different growths and soil conditions, some grow fast, others stagnate, or take on hitchhikers,  just the nature of their bees and pollinators.  Love is the bloom of the flower, not to remain closed or hidden, or rot from their conditions but to awaken into a new dawn of a new day, rising with the new sun and the warming up of the insides to new awakenings, hopes, and dreams.  Grafting towards others of similar vibrations, and removing the constrictors of anything stopping us from blooming and achieving the spiritual maturity to claim our personal sovereignty and space.

Love when mutual is true, don’t tie yours to others that don’t keep yours flowing.  You grow, or close more each day, from what you’re dishing out and receiving.  Touch a rose, smell its perfume,  what reflects is inside of you, touching, caressing, nurturing, and gardening flowers in fields of humans walking around, some firmly planted, some not so much, but flowers love flowers and knead to deal with weeds in their gardens… After all is said and done, isn’t true love suppose to conquer All?

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