Surface Dwellers

My daughter asked, “what can I do to make you happy?”, causing a dumfounded glance in her direction, and a conundrum towards mine, how can one make another happy?  Oh, now I get it, topical pleasers, lotions to keep the smiles warm to outside viewers, while their emotions start to bubble-up from their subconscious.  Not caring to make what’s wrong right, they only want a happy face put on, and taken all around with you.  Don’t express dissatisfaction, or point to trouble with their foundations, doesn’t matter, only to keep their psychotic wheel turning and not hurting feelings, those are for hiding and keeping in-check below the radar of careful observers.  Just say that all is good, or what they think you should be, or get locked up for suggesting that they’re running on empty, voided bodies of spiritual awakenings, blinded by keeping on a lid on anything that disrupts their daily management of not letting things get out of hand.  Solely keeping the situation from getting worse, in their view, not fixing or addressing anything that causes the inner emotions from raising up its master.  Just keep it going, don’t make waves, or trouble, can’t we all just get along?

Nothing to fix, when nothing outside appears broken, just many unrelated issues they believe, that keep coming up to remind them of what they’re not facing.  Faces, facades, and masks, that’s what it’s all about, just keep moving, nothing to see here.  Don’t look under rugs, or beneath the surface of this family, only looking away from problems will keep them at bay and away from the family trying to avoid them at any cost, even loved ones that don’t conform to the mental conditioning of never seeking the core of truth.  Only eyes, spies, and lies now, comfortable in not knowing what’s brewing or will blow up again, in time.  Don’t bring up anything to upset this closed view, trapped in a cage of their own making, and blinded with mind coitus whenever someone brings up that the foundation has cracks.  Forget about it, it’ll work out, or not, just like it has or hasn’t many times in their past.  Not connecting the dots, that what they keep pushing aside keeps coming back to bite them in rears.

Rose-colored glasses, and pretending all is okay, just do what you can to keep the men happy, all fallout into feelings consumed now in stores to buy more shoes, purses, and save some money for a rainy day, knowing there’s another one coming up just over the next hill they’re climbing.  They keep submerging their feelings, and any issue arising that doesn’t comply with their understanding, thinking fate must be cruel or kind, depending on what they’re going through at the time.  Get me off this merry-go-round, other battles rage on inside their companions, and put on a happy face.  Nothing to work out, when you don’t care what’s going on, just another day in the life, of surface dwellers.  Dwelling on surface things and feelings, materialism has scored another family for their side, obscured and not desiring truth anymore…only keep them happy enough not to notice flaws in their mental and physical system, when the truth is ruled out.  Another soap, like tv, turn the channel, let’s watch another round of a family void of real heart and soul, replaced by artificial hearts and feelings, the Stepford wives are managing their own shows.  Nothing to see here, nothing deeper than a child’s understanding of why their insides are rotting-out.


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