Opening Jars with a Masons’ Touch..

Cans of worms are meant to be opened, causing coitus to mess with lines of thinking that have stagnated in-place, from not taking out their own garbage and trashing those who expose it without a carrier’s permission.  Bent feelings from a twisted perspective, which stayed placed in a jar until unscrewed by another independent perspective, and made to bare the nakedness that they’re covering and clinging to, raising question and authority to stay where they mentally were before.  Raise the questioning, and the dead, from the coffers they’re comfortable within.  Uncomfortable to be startled into awakening into another paradigm, even from those you respect, Being human, after all…

Pride is an egotistical maniac, when staying in stagnant thought, perceiving what they’re believing rather than following the evidence to lead you to stop following…

Lashes whipped out removes the empathy previously given freely, removing their patience for free-thinkers.  Feelings of non-agreement cuts the chords for many insecure in themselves, their thoughts, and directions.  By questioning, you stay on-track towards understanding that people are tied to the feelings of their findings and conquests, that you just loosened…

You are dealing with the human side, as spiritual endeavors don’t take sides.  Eons of masculine based thought and felt patterns playing out.  Pick a side, choose a follower, stay in line within their thinking, or you’re tossed out to burden the freezing temperatures.  Love does not cast, but nurtures, even when questioning of information, raised to further understand or to bring out a point.  Unyielding, or slamming doors keep previous beliefs nestled in-place, til someone rocks the boat again, and questions findings, locked in the vessels’ current understandings.

We are verbs, not nouns to be cast in places at the end of the day.  Spirit is all over the place, forever moving, shifting, and recoiling what is placed under lock and key, or making the body feel protected, and staying comfortably in one perspective, choosing it, over Love, of another human Being human, after all the learning they’ve been achieving… We are rainbows, stop staying in lanes of one hue’s of one color or another, you’re bigger than that, of thinking like a noun, no ads or enhancements that verbs provide, ebbing and flowing with, or against the currents and tide…You are the flow, maintain its current, not conditions held up in pools and reservoirs of perspectives.

These feelings are telling you something, when we care to listen to them, not pointing outward, but within.  Attached to respects rather than respecting your feelings, cut with knives from positions that take one.  Verbs are mutable, always carrying the sentence, from nouns cast in place and set in positions.  Love is ever-after, even towards those that scorn or don’t agree.  It doesn’t stick to an idea but to the heart of the matter, and other souls, beating in-place or all over the place, it does not matter, except to the human carrier, who cares more about the information than the humans’ nature, to want to love and marry more than their information and perspectives.


*Sleuth   * and I saw the number of the beast, 666, upside-down in his 999 when crowned, believing beliefs and not seeing his crowning achievements, brought on by feelings, not believings…

One “feels” the inner light bulb illuminating their culminating thoughts into a central point, to provide physical direction towards higher understandings, providing knowing, by “feelings, sensory perceptions”.  Beliefs are a path, if chosen, to get along with someone else’s “chosen one” (path), spiritually, physically, or religiously.  Consider beliefs as underachievings, higher beasts, with higher understandings and feelings, able to ascertain and excel at mental and physical things, but not knowing their own feelings, unable to sense bigger pictures, with emotions, divine within nature.  One loves their family and friends, some believe it, some know it.  Is this love a belief, or a known, or did you feel the love in order ot believe it? Do we love them regardless of their beliefs?  Or, do their beliefs, if different than ours, stop our love?

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