Samael Says Don’t Criticize

To critique seems harmless enough, to analyze then ascertain the nature of something to gain an understanding of the object of our current affection or displeasure.  How can One not Criticize while thinking critically, is slowly working it’s meaning back to me.  Ascertain and figure it out, subtracting the feelings that carry theism back to turmoil within your heart.  When you criticize you’re not teaching, just mouthing off at your accused, and feeling the emotional buildup coming back and forth within your thinking, of all that is criticizing the accused, and their way of thinking… different than yours, who says you get to set the bar…for another, someone or something else?  Casting your personal opinions and views, setting the bar that all others should follow, call the authorities, there’s a madman about!

People don’t agree to bars set too far away from them to see and resonate within your morality.  People shouldn’t do this, or that you say, critiquing their point of view.  While you may not agree, or think that another is doing harm, shouldn’t “the one without sin be the first to cast the stones”?  Have you, the one criticizing never been guilty of what you are now casting?  Casting for fishers of men and food,  both reeling in what has been thrown out to trap, catch, and bring aboard returns on investments, some feeding your paydays of inflated ego, some bringing behaviors that bring you down, causing you more castings of accusing remarks, continually criticizing all that don’t live up to your standards, missing your mark.

Don’t criticize, says *he, now an Angel obscured to traditional infers.  But angels have two sides, not the same as you and I, not of theirs, but your perception (they don’t perceive this way).  Pay attention, and catch this drift, as understanding helps further our alongs-our-way.  Tricksters, some vessels have cursed out before, before you and I, and this lifetime.  Some say they give good and bad, as tricksters tend to.  The perfect, or imperfect you cast as an angel, is simply that, your cast and dying to what you believe.  Why do we keep putting pre-conceived notions on what is considered Devine?  Loving, and thanking God when it suits them, cursing Devine when the suit no longer fits them.  Comforted, when originally put on, now boxed into a corner from your one-sided thinking.  Stop playing tag, casting, and setting expectations.  Divine Spark is within you, be your divinity by taking stock in yourself, build it up before looking out or up.  Higher angelic ones escaped your present containment.  Start there, as something is in-common, as with demons.  Deal with all from within your divinity, what higher thing may trick sovereignty, without its permission, pass, or default positionings.

Oh ye of little faith, I once recall it said, be the Spark, that ignites your engine and heart to choose what gets to fool you, no matter in what realms, dreams, or allowing into your mind.  Be in-spirit, take the helm, as that’s all we really have, til death do you impart into bigger pictures and emotional developments not dragging down your spirit, as it does now.  Divine is always with you, within the chosen (elected), the Comforter comes to rest and stay, so accept the logic and wisdom of divinity.  Take comfort in your own Spark, omnipresent wherever you are.  Don’t bow nor beg, or curse nor cast.  Fear was cast on you, your holding onto it with your body and mind.  Not the spirit, as they’re not attached to such cares, as do their temporary bodies’ attachments to casting others.  Not of love or light or nurture nor Her above our concerns, nor loved ones first..Being of Love,  where did you grow up to now?


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