Halloween, Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Not like in ancient history, hallows eve from Halo Eve, undefining divine feminine that doesn’t take a back seat to masculine tricks or treats, of treating and tricking others into believing…that Eve’s are for handing out candy to costumed, good little boys and girls slowed in their natural maturing from knowing that the imagination and wonder is the real treat.  Keys to unlocking perspectives, beliefs, and raising the dead thoughts and ideas, while tempting you with sweets to close the door of higher understandings, paid with processed foods from processed thoughts to condition the habitual reactions from little ones, having too much fun to question traditions, and the walking dead all around them, thinking they’re alive…

Habitually habitating as times from before, when men changed the rules of engagement, from discovering divinity to begging for treats, tricking the conscious into keeping a lid on the subconscious’ eventuality of waking up to a new dawn’s light transmitted to those who contain wavelengths beneath and above games and players, pulling mass under their groundings to physical candies treated by go-alongs and come-alongs, masking the tricks with the treats, and making a night of it.  Eyes without a face contemplating understandings behind face masks, raising dead thoughts, and playing them out to the walking dead thinking that they’re really alive, while they keep on dying to Her and inside, accepting instead, candy and hand-outs processed with sweetness to make the foul thoughts and feelings to go down, underground, from realizing the feelings not attached to mankind…given uppers, physical sweeteners to avoid the Spark within, awaiting below for the subconscious to untangle current thoughts to question what this is all about, rather than what’s being handed out, to veiled and costumed humans, not sensing what they were before they took on a change in their appearance and current perceptive environment.  From inside a mask, eyes that haven’t faced the costumed changes in their identity, when eyes peer out from another face mask, cloaking Selves and remaining in-character of what we put on or taken off after dressing up for people outside, day in, day out.

Characters building our character along our ways, structuring the present and eventual personification of the Being, continually trying on differing masks to hide or expose their true thoughts and feelings.  To be, or knot to be, revealed…naked, afraid, and alone in the wilderness of others’ or your own makings, processing, tricks, and treats.  Teaching little maturing persona’s into personifications tainted and growing-up believing that there are only designated days and nights to dress, think, and be as you like or choose if you choose to make a choice to get out of your current body of mental, unsensual containment.  Live a little, loosen up the attachments grounding your Being from blooming… Raise the dead complacent remarks within your heads’ body of evidence left unattended and played by archonic influences.  Warriors, come out to play…but not as they commercially plan, disguising truths and vampiring emotional immaturities out to play with other masked marks.

Not playing by their rules, removing disguises that hide their appearances of coming and going without notice or regard, from little ones playing around, in the soup that was made generations before…hijacking pagans, religions, rulers, rules, and games, the chessboard gets up and tells you where to go without your inner observance that it’s telling you to, following traditions, hiding knowledge and secrets, locked in plain sight…

Always feeding the frenzy, gotta give ’em credit but no returns as these are not of we…to contain, congest, and suck the mass into processed thinking and conditions, made all in fun but never weighing the handouts, freely given out by those resonating in the mood, but not conscious of its generational conditioning, of its original make up, or plays on words, spells and transgressions brought out by conditions, of the conditioning taking place without the observer in-place to notice the coming together of heightened fears, superstitions, and perceived individual realities, nearly all playing into hands without a face…unclean entities, some say, should a label be desired to hang on a few multipliers of emotional developments towards leaving their bodies when frightened into it, without knowing it… where does the subtle body go, when the flow is unnerved into a different shocked state, out of the vessel and its container?  Odds are, in their favor as even, consistent conglomeration of a mass is the key that unlocks or binds the blinded lights costumed within bodies, and veiling them further unless the individual feels it as a liberating experience.

The wonder of a child, just flowing and never psychologically attaching to traditional conditionings brought out to collect energies from subtleties…Playing in it, not of it, not a Being to be another players’ piece, to be hunted by big gamers who invent artificial sweeteners in which to give out.  Just another hook, these fishers of men keep the little Ones inhabits.  Participants never awakened to gathering the mass through subtlety.  Still puzzled within this temporary temple, but not going to pieces on a count of human conditioning.  Habits of humans, commercialized into allowing generational habitual thinking into constructing its own veils, made into habits, that damage the bodies.  What archonic madness this?  Same as it ever was…The same old story, with no happy ending insight, from a waning moon of Eve’s Halo, Halo Eve loosening veils to stimulate sentient Beings, sensuously through sentimental hearts to appear and feel the emotional bond from eternal waters that flow through all…subconsciously, you’ll know this.

*Gravity Max



2 thoughts on “Halloween, Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

  1. This writing could be an award winner Tre… Perfectly sums up the entire crazy ritual. I refuse to participate anymore. Might as well throw in thanksgiving and christmas as consumer rituals based on lies for someone elses profit… Although Im thinking of making custom xmas balls this year to sell for my own profit. Doesn’t make me a sell out… Simply a smarter girl making a move on that chess board for my own profit! Lol


    1. Thank You 💜🙏
      Success attracts to fertilizations (and fabrications) grown intra vires meant (environment) providing returns and more on vested interest when harvesting and received as answers to prayers (to some). They are already waiting for them… Who prays, and pays to get costume jewelry (respectfully), to dress up trees, homes, malls, and what you Invision them for…think bigger, than you did before💓🙏


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