Why Don’t Wishes Come True?


If not for wells to sink within and stars to wish upon they fall on deaf ears, never wished at all from the ones dying for the chance and act of fate on their side to pride a granted request from hearts aglow with feelings, and personal meanings.  Wishes, modified hopes, and dreams carried in tiny bubbles of directed intention floating above thoughts and wavelengths to cause a change in present conditions, to improve ones, or others’ current situation.

Sending, expecting a return reply, not just throwing it out and not expecting ever to be heard from again.  Going up and out of our thoughts, feelings, and minds, directed above for heavens’ sake.  Asking for permission, submission, and grace to fill our emotional outburst built up from lack thereof.  Thoughts carried with weighted feelings, tears, and previous rejections hoped to rise to higher levels with help from higher sources.

Projecting a specified momentous feeling to send into space, a darkened place from our view with sparkles lighting up the complete dark, containing millions of wishes floating around their senders, parts of them sent out to conceptual Beings.  Observing the disconnects now…

We are projecting ideas tied to emotional developments into a perceived darker space to catch the twinkle of a star.  Remove this idea, wishing, just a ritual, process, practice enseeded subconsciously previously to keep you from your unfoldment, from immature ones, not a practice to be continued, not of we…  Built before you came into knowing deeper ties with Her essence.  Internalize, but don’t keep inside, allow the gates to open and the heart-wrenched intention to escape…free as a released caged bird, don’t call it back or get back into wishing routines from previous conditionings of fear-based roots.  Let It Go.  No longer caged but freed together with the tears wrapped within a heartfelt moment, no longer contained but let out causing tears to drip down the face from the emotional development just allowed to escape with your blessing, stay there, keep it up…

try one (allow me thriving in this environment gracefully, not contained by it and living on my own with no monetary concern)  Eye see and comfort this thought while hearts’ feeling catches up to your ceiling, holding both but not in-place but continuing the warming feeling.  Builds up as these are meant to be freed to share with All not contained to stagnate in the still, affecting all internally.  Letting go of these feelings as flowers cast their discards, still beautiful, but not attached to the original bulb, while planting what’s left behind inside you to seed its unfoldment.  Sow let it be hemmed in your intentions released, sow let it go to be done.

Keep out of the rabbit holes, and continuous diggings, be mindful of weeds and contaminations.  Discard any holds and bars as future similar thoughts arise, mindful in the knowing, that you send out true love, from the heart.  Enough said, your matter is in spiritual hands and out of your conscious involvement, it’s in Mary’s realm now.  Always be thankful but not for this or that, but to simply Be.  Compassionate Ones that don’t wallow in it, release it and all containment once attached, not to return but to plant a better life to be grateful within…empathy for all.

Wishes previously sent out with I’s are laid by the wayside by the constant gardener.  Let it be, for all to enjoy the bounty.  Plant and harvest all, the You doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t have any rights, anything coming nor wished or dreamed upon, just thrown out for personal contemplation.  Outlay your palms to leave it all out there…Seal your deal with a kiss of love and understanding, and let it grow without your constant reminders as to its whereabouts, as it has now been released from containment to mature if you allow it, to Be.  Spark of a Star, some black holes collapsing from their own weighted masses of unresolved emotions built up inside, and carrying it with them everywhere until it overflows its container, causing sickness to the maddening thoughts that keep coming back and attaching.

Did you really wish, or did you feed your minds’ frenzy?  Spiritual endeavors Will have nothing to do with a mind and heart that is full of its own containment, unable to break the walls built up by conditioning thoughts into longing for wishes that never made it passed interior defenses…  Let it go, and pray for rain.  Letting go of hopes and dreams, to make room for some more, or content to stop asking what is already made known before it is spoken.  Keys to understanding, of what returns to fulfill or make a mockery of what we’ve been filling our heads with, expecting returns on investments of feelings, that never really left the building of the vessels’ brewing.

Becoming, truth into matter, takes the growth of its own personification, through nutrients given by Source to help All grow, and bloom for their caretakers.  Care is taken when forming their seeds to be pollinators blowing in the winds of change.  Allowing them to float and sail within the breeze that lands them in fertile crescents, cradling their inundations with new libations.  Don’t check on its growth or status, since You do not exist yet, from its understanding.  No such thing as time in spaces between stars, as scientific theories gain ground to travel it, and prove to you that it does, growing their understandings built upon foundational misunderstandings.  Love is let go, to recycle and return, unless it is artificially made, felt, or never allowed to leave your sight or grasp, becoming something else entirely.

No need to wish, or ask upon stars, the Spark already resides and needs to arise so where are you casting now?  To unknown spaces within perceived times to perceived gods that may lend a helping hand to deliver you from evil and grant you wishes as genies do?  Stay wondering, only children enter, but you’re an adult now, or so you think.  As you think as an adult to reason it all out, the children are already playing outside your window of perception, frolicking and having fun, not thinking about what’s been cast, or out of their containment when no such thing exists, in mine I of a child, just seeing a boy, and wondering if he may love her, regardless of whom she is or may become…Love works that way, wrenching the heart to bring to mind a sincere focus to unlock more, when the love is true, without conditions placed upon it, but wondering, if given out warmly will it return in favor to overflow the container, in bliss, received unconditionally, from a heartfelt moment waved out, by just a girl, looking at a boy, and wondering, if he’ll love her for what she is, in return…

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Wishes Come True?

  1. Wow, is it simply another sync that I would have just replied to your last writing about childlike innocence… or are you the one who can see the future?! BeLIEve-ing in wishes upon starts and blowing out birthday candles… I know now that has been by design to swallow up their hearts desire with feelings of desperation. Total opposite energy of manifestation. Im not sure why reading this had me choked up with few tears… I guess if this manifesting thing doesn’t work out… unfortunately, wishing for suicide isn’t an option! lol With that being said, you mentioned in one of your writings on separating the boys and their toys that part of getting to know you would have something to do with your boyhood. Well, I’m just a girl… looking at a boy… wondering…


    1. I enjoy all of your comments! I realize that writings are “out there” at times…try not to think ..just write. Working on the wind and elementals breaking up clouds but I’m shelving it for now.
      Thank you 💜🙏


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