Love To You..

Days are made for you, to grow, love and blossom…

Living drama drains your force, Luke, taking more than just a physical toll, but vampires the psyche, causing additional pain evidenced by emotional entanglements.  Putting the burden on yourself, and inside your mind to analyze a way out of it, causing an emotional back up, no longer able to move freely about within your containment or equlibrium, but attached to present conditions and feelings, holding on as though all other feelings are outside your control or  desire to call them back…

Recycle and push all thoughts and feelings from your mind, unwind and kick back to the present, bouncing back those that arise again, untangle your entanglements with the intellect that the prior weight has given you, to hold and bare alone, or not, and move beyond.

Sending back what does not belong to you, these weighted feelings and mental anguish, refusing them lodging or inviting them to stay longer, as eviction brings a stern hand to wake up the lamb that continues snoring with heads in the clouds of others, or in the sand, not where One need Be…

Flowers always get trampled and overgrown by the weeds, and by those who rule, using the flowers’ nutrients, causing it to wilt, fade, or die, you decide, if allowed to stunt your growth, or become one of them, un-feeling containers no longer sailing but spiritually docked and lashing out to stay ashore where they are, and wonder, how flowers keep regenerating and grow strong amongst the weeds that strain, draw, and drain the will of mere flowers to survive out away from them, against the wind of civilized hue’s of man.

Some maturing flowers become roses, Dear, with thorns for those who pick on them, or heavenscent to those who adore beauty, and transform with more vitality and beauty when cut, only to grow back again, fuller, healthier…

A single rose, from me to you, trimmed from a stem of natural pose. Sniff a breath in, close to your nose, so your heart can warm from the feel sensed from a whiff of a single flower, just a bud grown up and given up gladly, to another in need of raising their hearts’ desire.  Touch the petals, gently chalking the fingers with a touch of innocence rubbing across the pedals of feelers, as the frequency feels it’s resonance down your body.  Take it all in, the sight, feel, and the trip, of a single flower given to another, and all feeling the bouquet of staying as flowers, and keeping your roots out of the weeds and continually growing, always mindful of the emotional nutrients coming in, and contaminants that stop flowers like you from blooming in beauty.

Let it all go, if you can, and take a stroll in a rose garden, with shoes cast aside, arms to your sides as fingers touch rows of flowers as you pass by…light wind in the hair, sun absorbed by your skin, as bare feet feel what’s between the toes, all a floating bouquet, as you feel all of your senses opening up and becoming One…this one is really who you are.  That touch, that moment, what did you see, smell and feel simultaneously?  Come back and plant yourself, when future weights hold down your spirit from just Being a flower, that reminds you of the beauty in moments of your choosing and reflection, breaking the bondage and removing emotional rollercoasters that grow turmoil within, and keep us from blooming…



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