Prevailing Winds

Breezing into a new day with new winds brushing the skin and causing feelings to percolate from anothers’ perspective, and placement. Flowing through the canyons, we whip through your neighborhoods bringing smiles and curses from the vessels below understandings of breezes and why they come and go your way.  But where do they go..or come, at-times in a hurry, cane wrecking everything in-sight, clearing the trash of humans making smogging, clear skies that they patrol and ride, ridding of the old, refreshes your view. Moving the stagnated, we clear the air and bandwidths to get through the trash and reach our drawn unto communicative shores. Clearing influences that stifle the raising of consciousness that’s attempting to soar to greater heights on earth…

Regret throwing dirt in your eyes, but the changeovers are part of Her nature, always recycling, and winding down what’s been unwinding in the skies, and in matter underground. Unable to get all particulate matter, but blowing through what’s left there by non-empathetic ones, and generations before them, continually pushing the envelope and opening its contents, spreading them into different combinations, to create more creations.

How does the suns light affect a reflective container in space that goes around us, and when does the subconscious in bodies reflect its light?  Sol above always warming and lighting containers to reflect on their matter, of mutual benefit, as the Moon holds suns reflections, and its reflected upon hours, of Ours.

The dark side of the moon, observes one if the sun has a dark side too. So many saying and programming thinking, that the moon has a dark side that is never seen.  If true, wouldn’t that apply to the sun too?  Both orbiting past us for eons and never seeing the other sides, but merely suspicious of one, not the other massive body.  Should we never see the dark side of the sun, is it then different and creepier, darker than the side we see and feel?  But the dark side of the moon remains in question as a colder and unseen mass that has potentials to contain more, some propagate.  If it does, they’re ours, like it or not, just in the cards to complete their previous transactions, rites, and rituals.  Yes, Virginia, there is a santa, but his clause is a monk, not that of a mythical elf giving to all good little boys and girls who believe what they’re told to, believing in magic the way it’s laid out to them, by conjuring false prophets who never arrive and wondering how parents could become storytellers and play artificial games with heads of children instead of actually teaching them to be wary of such objects of affection, attachment, and conditions in which to dream upon…returning from where it came, Yes, Virginia parents lie and concrete fables, myths, and stories as unaware ones don’t know any better, and they are teaching the young.

Children…wake up and rub your sleepy eyes that have awakened in a changing universe that tyres of waiting for age-mature parents to mature spiritually and spiritualize their offspring to not stay mentally in a world that hides and lies truth, and is conditioned from birth to keep stacking it upon their next generations, celebrating lies, myths, and every child is left behind a veil and made to discover and remove false nativities, handed-out and observed by grown up people lacking the security and fortitude to tell the truth, and stop telling bedtime stories that don’t ring freedom.  Binds in dark matters that take years to unblock and free the obstruction that has been placed on kids by loved ones who know better, never tolerating stories, once grown up except those with consumer-based realities to pay for the privilege of lying, to little ones who soak up what’s put out, by parents and corporations that know better, and curse any who make their kids wake up, desiring to keep children dreaming of what the adults makeup and agree what is acceptable to believe in, and what is shunned, demonized, and condemned as heretical, not going along with currents and beliefs.

I don’t wish upon a star, but delineate upon all children that you are a star, inside where it counts to wish upon and within that structure for giving and receiving, as you are the jolly elf giving to all children, not expecting physical receiving in-return but merely to warm your insides and their making it shine for all to hug and join in the joy of Beings giving and receiving feelings, and presence.

Many kids awaken earlier than expected, up to being played the fool by loving ones, and letting the air out of the bubble that was built to contain the perception of believing in an unseen entity leaving gifts behind to good little girls and boys…payoffs, for acting as directed rather than instinctively, putting blinders on our children and containing them until they grow out of a belief structure that can’t be seen to be appreciated, but may be felt, by receiving of givings that remove them in the long run.

Winds move more than air, but also the climate and currents to the present environment to breeze through conditions and obstacles that bend but don’t break from pressures and gale warnings of its forces, if observant.  Let it breeze, across the land, sea, and sweating brow the sustaining life force that resides inside until awakened to seek more than what’s being disclosed by talking heads.  Swirling and changing directions, to drafts and transforming opposing forces with microbursts to obliterate solid matter from its foundations to expose what was lacking.  Or the feeling, as uncontained as a tornado thrashing around and following prevailing winds’ edges containing the wrath to some degree, touching the ground to wipe the slated clean and start over again.

As natural winds prevail, spiritual naturalists tag along.  Sometimes gusts are needed, sometimes just a nudging, gentle, warm breeze to fill tense emotional cavities, or build into storms and outbursts, to disburse what’s been lodged and making a mess of previously sacred space, places not entertaining any new thoughts or views on a given subject, now left out of future equations.  Wind and breeze are keen observances when feeling your way, the why and where they go bye, and when will they return, and how glad or angry they are to see us then…may it feel as the aura of a gentle sleeping giant, but sensing its feelings of breezes and storming activities, weather of an aura of another quite different and unique in perception, in which perception further grows as it gains understanding and momentum, left as leaves blown to the ground by prevailing winds to rake in a pile and jump in head-first.  Leaves from a breeze, spread all around to admire and enjoy, the drifting down, raking up, brushing off, and jumping back in head-first.

The wind climaxes the temperature changes, as pressures build the highs and low systems exposed in vast ocean regions to gain momentum traveling inland with tides and swells giving up their moisture and power to join the commotion traveling calmly or ever-faster towards higher elevations ashore, crashing, breaking, or breezing past the locals to find their ways across maps to a larger or lesser extenuating circumstance to join or repel, initiating a new wind, prevailing the next experienced…hints familiar with aura, transforming as the colors, temperatures, and pressures cause the emanations’ conditions to ripen into subtle expressions, of rage, a mixed bag, or calming qualities…

Sense the mood of the environment, wuthering heights, and conditions that surround, when stopping on a dime to take a break and do some real work…what is felt, against the skin, the hairs, and to what degree or intensity?  The warmth, cold, frost, rain, tropical storms, and calm breezes…when conditions such as these are felt routinely, extremity arrives often unannounced as an unwelcome guest, not leaving until they feel like it.  See and feel these waves and conditions, their subtle and extreme changes, and you will have the Spark of reception routinely, blessing, or cursing prevailing winds.







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