Patronage Of Collateral Damage

Being of collateral damage we make our way the best we can at the time, some agnostic to higher realms of consciousness, born believers, made into believers of one thing or another.  Ramrodded with nurturing hands to join the wagon parents have wrapped theirs around, from generations before, based on beliefs handed-down and lived within its perimeter, unknowingly.  Raised in test tubes, given generational conditionings, then offered and sacrificed to the outside world, to crash and burn, get up, and do it again, hog-tied by emotional entanglements that keep rearing their ugly heads.

Thinking that we’re doing our own thinking, and blinded by the light of a caged mind intertwined in others’ thoughts, beliefs, systems, and perspectives laid upon their foundations in which to base our questions and lives upon.  Basing feelings on lyings, beliefs of before, and hand-me-downs of opinions and views predicated by conquests with agendas…

Collateral damage in the skies and on the streets of warring states of conscious minds’ pillaging the previously raped from civil wars before, and letting their perspective freedom ring, in another land, upon another people, not so different but caught in the middle and becoming collateral damage, immigrating to any place that will take them in, with prejudice, pride blown up long ago by invading forces within it’s own shores, then trampled some more as imperialism comes with a flag of allegiance to salute as they bomb through any current pledges to stop their seizures, another takeover to play out over the people.

Videos of cloud snakes in the sky, from the Watchers below, unknowing, so asking Institutions for their take on it, then answered as contrails, nothing to see here…

In reply, Snakes in planes’ sight, the physical retractors chance to reel-in such conundrums with baseless claims that keep on giving and handing out what they’ll never perceive, knots being taught to unwind into beliefs from institutions teaching them, discarding higher understandings and bringing them down to their level or plane of acceptable matter, knots binding hearts, minds, and Sols in the clouds and wondering as a child, now believing these bedtime stories to put controllable vessels back in their sleeping lanes, to continue believing what manipulators keep selling them…restraining containers until they awaken in another plane, or join in their mass blindness, and become believers and followers of corrupted minds, mostly masculine in type, re-writing histories and Ones’ presence to fit into their molding clay that sweeps nations, memories, and consciousness to keep believing scripts, agenda’s, and foundational religions that should’ve been burned at their stake long ago, rather than witches and non-believers sacrificed in the name of their laws, rules, church and state-sponsored scriptures concocted by rulers, to keep producing, writing, and selling fanaticism to create wars and rumors of wars that keep on giving to consumers who keep buying and committing their sons,  daughters, and souls to their causes…patriotism, to men, gods, and countries such as these keeps consciousness locked and loaded, in anothers’ psyop, and another, and so-on until beliefs become facts, to fight for or against another disagreeable human, who doesn’t believe or agree what’s been conditioned, sleeping with the enemy for life, and knot realizing that tricks are for kids, who never mature from mankinds’ tomfoolery, or stop following storytellers who stay in lanes previously designed to remove the spiritual inspiration of the children whom still wonder…how faith in institutions, governments, and beliefs become ficticious perceptions that rot the core of consciousness, leaving the self-absorbed conscious to deal with what’s ruling its mass.


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