Searching Truths Denied

Occult poets within all, start to make their inner presence known by revelations of their minds, not knowing minds’ eye yet discovering it.. searchers finding their truths and revelations, concerning their inner entertainments.  The farther they go, the further shadows and darkness follows in their footsteps along the way, bringing light to understandings, brings along shadows to the parties, unfolding, within the truths, expanding to higher truths.  the yins and yangs, cause and effect, and polarizing effects of light and dark.. search the macro, you find the micro, search the microscopic, to find the cosmos.. search the cosmos to find the human mind, and what’s contained therein.

Stay within your flow of the waterfalls that stream the currents ebbing your tides of higher awareness of consciousness and its depths of nature of the knowledge, that truth remains such until larger pictures summon minds’ light bulbs of epiphanic understandings… not getting sidetracked, in your heart-directed mind, by physicality, and their attachments that take one away from Ones’ awareness of self and its nature..

use the force, luke… weather your be leafs to fall to the groundings and die, resurrect transformed, and bring risen light that was cast into your darkness, the abyss, that can nurture, churn in judgment, or stifle light that attempts to unveil occult matters in Beings, books, and consciousness. Knots inside rise to condemn the others, when equilibrium is lost by finders-keepers, and name-callers, locked in be leafs never let go of, and not understanding how others’ perceptions can differ…from another Spark…that doesn’t believe mutually, containing consciousness of Beings, rather than growing up and out of containment.

Sovereign doesn’t follow scriptures, masculinity documenting feminine subservience…wars and rumors of wars foundationally built, raped, pillaged, and scribed upon nations, leaders, perceptions, and people…so let it be written, so let it be done, fear was and is created, by darkened ones who continue to rule, and gain followers who keep preaching the same stale-mated words over and over again…by their fruits you observe them, fearing god, and the elites’ masqueraded scribblings called scriptures, as their panic erupts in hypocritical rants when Beings bring up Spirit without them…


*UltraViolet Aether

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