It Is

Keep it real, by telling it like it is, says the mother to her babe. You burnt the pancakes, you’re not a good cook Mom…it’s okay, he’s keeping it real and telling the truth…really, what are you teaching them, honesty, you propose?

The nurtures left mother’s long ago, now raising egotistical maniacs to grow and thrive. Didn’t fake news say this generation feels more than before? Oh well, another theory meets their paving of it.

Let me get this straight in my psyche, every action, care, preparation that went into one moment may be downsized to its darkest part, with no inclusions leading up to the opinions of ego’s concreted by moms’ acceptances. Sounds as though mentally insane are teaching the blamers, in todays’ society.

Everything that culminated in the view of a little boy, seeing only the dark pieces that came out of the previous void, no transportation costs considered, but that’s an acceptable mannerism, for growing boys…moms inflating ego’s, rather than spiritual awakenings. Tell it like it is, you say. But you’re only seeing one shadow of what was created, and judging the whole on the tiny view placed in its receivers, little ones, maturing without true nurturing, and keeping it real…

When Moms turn to Dads, it’s time to get off this runaway train going nowhere fast, excepting destinations of psychological fullfillments of darker kinds, that grow up in little boys and girls… It comes down to cursory, burnt views of the time, trouble, and love that went into making one viewed as objectional from innocence that is slowly being corrupted by nurturing of another egotism.

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