Impeach your Self

Whether to impeach…answers lie in waiting for real questions to materialize…not getting onboard farciful Inquisitors whom corrupted their mass and their constituents long before they laid their tracks in unaware containers, followers, and believers, settling for the lesser of two evils.

Pickers, choosers, winners, losers of combatants that keep on giving until their end or demise. And what of their chosen one before this one, master and commander of drones arming continents with drone bases and ballistic missiles used at their discretion to take out civil unresters, and alleged criminals not convicted with jurisprudence, by a constitutional lawyer…then senator, then warden of secret Deep societies that punish whistleblowers and provide fake news without a blink of an eye…

Is there really a choice, or is it just a coming-out party planning our next war without our knowing it? Wars, and rumors of wars from birth-to-grave, for most souls not paid off or hushed with bribes, blackmailed, flogged on media’s, or stoned by the village patriots currently falling for such psyop’s at their taxed expense. What use are insane asylums, if they don’t accept the schizophrenic patients ruling our laws and country? Their “gifts” that keep on giving…even after they’re gone. And what is an illusion, or reality, when criminals are the chosen ones making and breaking the rules they gave out, and their voters keep wishing it gets better or goes away until the next election…rinse, soak, repeat.

Oh, the impotency of the “other” party to maintain its structural flaws, claiming if it was them, we wouldn’t be in this mess, as they’ve already “forgotten” that their side got us here in the first place. Constituents, pay-to-players, and the long arm of the laws they all keep handing down and breaking. No jail time, just a simple neglect, misunderstanding, or getting caught with hands in jars…but they all can agree to prosecute the whistleblowers for their inadequacies…

Soap operas, now made to be commonplace when two sides agree never to meet mutually, and pointing at the other side to concentrate the fake opinions and objections upon, now called news-worthy stories. Fables and facts get blurry when officials and anchors become paid informants, and commercialize their success in keeping rifts, tears, and separation made permanent fixtures in the current environment.

Seems even their rising stars get the shaft, when they do or don’t meet their pre-conceived criteria. But these are a representation of what they preside over, vacillating moves, bruises, and news to keep the engine Fed and churning out another opinion to tear apart or get behind…for now, anyway, until they change its direction and perception dependant upon the ratings from watchers.

The mighty keep falling, but they keep hiring from the same Geno pool, never learning what they keep preaching to the peasants dying in foreign streets, or disabling people from adequate medical attention intentially, as we’re told they don’t vote anyway…

Ah, the clowns are coming back now, progressives, they say, will change the tide and course…of a corrupted system they all must work through. Didn’t these highly educated jokers vote for the same people they now cast out? Oh well, that was then, and this is now. Change is surely on the way, as they keep shoveling their masqueraded marauder down the throats of the rest in us. By all means, bring in the clowns, as laughing at their current positions allows their sickening to go down sense pallets easier.

Impeach him, her, all of them, makes no significance or difference when cracked pots are built upon cracked foundations that routinely get voted upon while darkened corporate rooms strategize the next moves of the chosen, hand-picked few, up and coming leaders…

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