The gods must be crazy, to give up such a gracious sunset view to civil disobedients, sympathetic ones that wonder on cleared skies and get shades of fallen truth from Lies spun to veil true knowledge from coming out of the shadows of their egos’ intentions to keep a lid on such children that continue to wonder…why shadows, clouds, and people can’t be Love.  And open up the skies to nurturing bliss, not with containing contaminates from beings filled with contempt for the wonder of a child…that don’t listen to adults who never allow them to grow and wonder out of their corrupted opinions, views, and fake news.  Beauty beholders, even as they keep shoveling the shit that keeps covering skies and eyes from their rotting cores that are full of it.

Putting on boots, we dredge through their muck and still look up, not stuck in it, but always seeking the blooming flower that grows out of it, despite it’s constraints and conditions to keep you stuck in it, but always shoveling, to find a path out of their madness we find ourSelves in.  Not content to be a mushroom, and growing up within the shit that keeps broadcasting more of it.  Flowers use refuse to grow and recycle, filtering out the light needed to grow, absorbing any nutrients contained, and bringing beauty out of the stench that it’s growing out of…

Some grow despite, or due to corruption, some grow into it, and some don’t grow at all.  Wonder always grows out of what keeps it down or fallen, when routinely wondering why they don’t want us to grow up, and out, of All containment.


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