Mourning A Passing Teaching

The Sol gains Release, As the lower, contained bodies grieve their loss,
Remaining the ones at a loss, of an identity and loved one.
Her Persona lives on, Dear Ones, to sing, teach, and reach for the stars now.
Nothing left behind to hold down a Spirit of Her callaber,
Released of physical chains that suffer, hurt and harm bodies,
But enable the inner Spark to reach Higher than ever before.
Resting in peace, within each and every thought and memory of Her.
Not that contain, but Remind All of Us To Reach Higher.

A teacher, a colleague, friend.  Closer than a peer, Deeper feelings cannot contain them, so they express themselves in bubbling suppressions that leak out, first from our eyes, then as our hearts swell to strengthen intensity, from drops of tears to the density made in the years of knowing Her…and being  blessed to have been in the presence of the Love and Nurture that drew us closer to Her empathys’ grace to take time out of her precious days, to make time to be a part of ours.

An embrace of Another, Felt to Remain, Within, Forever.

As Her Gift was Herself, Keeping It Real, in a Loving Way to Make Us All Want to be Better, each in our own unique way.

She was brought into our lives, as no coincidence, but as a Teacher of an outer expression, of Spirit and Higher Thought that strives for more within each one of us.

Taught with heart, from a Sol that could never be contained to speak out what was right.  Thoughts, memories, and emotional developments rise to surface whenever we consider Her, as she would never pass a student or friend, who didn’t study for the test or exam, that came to announce her passing…A Loving Sol that never failed us, but raised us All to be Stars in our own rite.  We are brighter and smarter because of Her.  Inside and out, we are stress due to Her, that stretches us.

Impressions left to swell, wake, and break upon shores that feel the loss of part of them that left earlier than expected.  Just like Her teachings, exceeding our expectations, and causing us to pause, when we don’t have higher expectations that She helped raise within ourselves.



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