As Eye Walk Thru The Valley of Death…

The Traveler, coming and going, visiting and exploring differing destinations, cultures, and people.  Some family, some friends or enemies, they decide now.  But continually traveling through this world in walks of life, cars, scars, planes, manes, minds, dreams, and subtle bodies we continue the flow or stop it.  Traveling to different countries, and states of governing places, and conscious awareness of the Traveler.

Love to Go,
And Embrace All to Experience and Explore.
Love the Flow,
When Embracing is Felt, Tasted, and Sensed.
But Love Comes, and Stays, Wherever I AM,
And Loves Arriving Home to Where It All Began,
A Place Within, At-Home, a Today to Start From,
A Tomorrow to Travel to,
The Cycle Never Ends…Within Hearts… the Size, Shape, and Bliss yours contains…within You.

Sparks always kindle…when known, to heat the inner cauldrons, or within others unknowingly, to dormancy and extinguishing, as some never return their kindling…

Ye, as we suffer through this Valley of Death, pray Keep Spark lit for deeper, higher, darker, lighter events.  As illusions of humans bombard like waves against the shored sanded in their positions…

Travelers observe, feel, connect, disrupt, destroy, and Love as they grow.  Never settling, threading, but tyre to be anchored ashore of Sparks’ flow…by human endeavors below their true Selves… Easier said, than done they say… Only when perspectives and opinions from below intervene and get into your way, of the divine nature of sovereignty…No images, threads, nor golden cows, but souly Spark may be held onto…the rest are outside, trying to get into our multiverse.

Apprehension, of what may, or not come or may be diagnosed, found, ached or benign, Souly brings physical attractions and distractions that test fortitudes of fallen Sovereignty…physical developments are secondary primary thoughts… don’t get caught up within them, as ailments start in thought, if not checked at your minds’ door. only allow only divine into your Temple of worship…cast out the human unrest that tests Sparks awareness… 🙏



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