Once ascended, only fallen may descend… loosening or wickening spirit of divinity. Satan never ascends, or does he keep climbing, then falling, over and over again… nor Christ descend, as how may divinity lower itself to corrupt levels? Divinity doesn’t look down, upon peoples, beliefs, or perspectives, only darker may be lightened to higher, only lighter may darken to lower, fallen, or resurrect transformed to rise again. Heaven is within, or knot, residing with angels or demons or somewhere in-between, lost and alone, stolen or abused, or full of what physicality is absorbed and contained from outside sources.

When in their still, still is lost and alone. Sovereignty saves, but not in ways scriptures say. Consciousness will remain long after sermons, judgments, prophets, killers, and raptures are made…repeated for hundreds of years by those who don’t seek higher, or lower, than masculine words written to subserve femininity, rape and pillage all who won’t believe in such psyop’s of Waring tribes that keep starting and maintaining wars, and rumors of wars, then, say they told us so… booked in religions, to believe rather than know, the Messiah awaits, not on one side, or another, not with one tribe, or another, not through Vatican interpretation nor locked in their Alexandria library.

Following beliefs, prophets, guru’s, and one-sided manly thinkers who keep refusing to nurture the mass that worships their teachings, ministers, and Popes. Overturn the money-changers, cast out the priests and their indoctrination, of any institutional mindset, as no form, concept or perception remains immortal…Souly sovereignty, the Spark within that keeps getting the shaft, and held back, bore to suffer, and remain in the dark…while its temple and psyche is trashed, brain-washed, raped and pillaged, and enslaved by demons who keep repeating… words and stories, parables and prophesy, written by false fathers, who won’t leave the rest in us alone…

The Virgin Mary, innocence stripped away and stoned by the village idiots, who keep believing news stories ruled by archons, and their followers…keeping the mass from rising, by veiling divinity, in corrupted scriptures, religions, beliefs, and systems that keep all contained in their mindsets…and blaming, waring with all the rest who don’t believe, as they do…that to believe is divine.

Silly boys, tricks are for kids. Cowgirl Up, and stop preaching the faith believed in writings, but live your existence in the moral divine, nurturing and loving your resonates, and willfully fighting to stay the constant Lover, not controlling, but dishing it out when needed, as roses too have thorns when not treated respectfully, while ready to endure the world that doesn’t respect girls, and allows priests to rape their boys, while grown men with no quinones look on…then tell others how to act.  Hypocrisy is in-charge, all about making, breaking, and corrupting our wonderings.  So saddle-up your will, and ride the range as a loving rancher…naturalist, behavioralist, feeding and nurturing more than itself, and loving every moment worth dying for…a Life of no illusions, nor belief systems.



One thought on “Righteous…

  1. Tre your writings are getting better all the time! There is something very special about this one… maybe someday I will get the chance to tell you what it is. Thank you for sharing your unconscious thoughts… it really does mean the world to me!! ;P

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