Puppets In Charge

The Puppeteer, as some suggest of the Highest Self…oh, yea little ones… Making soul contracts from your highest observation deck is a farce. stating that your highest puts its lowest in particular scenes of suffering and poverty remains nonsensical, as others put their puppets in luxury positions to suffer their consequences…what madness this conceives, not of we…just be love, they, say…Siriusly? Break down the stars above your reference points, Dear ones, and stop being conceived. Sirius lies, in beltways fighting in Orions’ skies and ours. These mediums’ convulsion are toxic to some, sending it down the line to become the newest discovery to grasp. Take note, your Highest doesn’t go for rides, or join them, as sovergnty doesn’t need its inner highest disclosed, It knows it…Self nous.

Consider your Inner Utmost wishing its vessel suffer, while watching-on, seems unfathonable to One. Empathy will suffer to assist another, or for the greater good to be sure, but not due to its Self, but because it’s the right thing to do. Suffering and poverty remains never correct nor acceptable…blasphomy mans’ prophets and religion, does not “matter”, as it is not morally correct to allow pain and suffering to proposedly learn lessons or payback distractions and previous life actions. What good All, if One is left behind, or at ones’ physical expense? not of we, in thee. alterior motivations, from higher, but darkened places unseen then transmitted through un-Ones. Those displacing knowing, with being told, then telling the rest to jump onboard the bus. As He said, wipe your feet of them, and move on. no judgement, not of we…this entity, the following humans will find they’ve called alien before.

So let be, in Mary’s backyard… Perceive the voids..what does the channeling not contain..nurturing, love, patience. Puppeteers don’t nurture but direct and point out, as puppets can’t feel, or sense. Feel, their intentions. they have roles, but they’re not keys to treasure, but of waves and vibes from another that travel about. Does your Highest feel? The puppets are traveling, beating to a distant drum, but not from within, but as being pointed towards, from a unseen direction talking through another. Where is its Source? Why so many obstacles and puppets that keep One from getting close to their source? Your Highest wants you close, to cuddle and love, as these do not, and will never be close to Thee…you’re reaching again, digging and analyzing what will remain outside you. They’re lightening waves and vibes of little ones, and it works for them. In the end, the entities are comingling consciousness. They will be a we, of an artificial kind, unless they decide to get out.

Good intentions help All, so all good, just not Higher as asked, or as teachers profess. Temperature gauges, colours, and feelings from Deep within seek permanence-within of ever-changing environments without, here, or Higher. Flow is the soul-survivor, let go, below, back to Her, start from your Seat. A hint of Love, and valadation, not for one in a humans’ scent, but in Love beheld by All within their prescence of Highest. Present, in the moments, in a Lovers’ embrace that All may feel, when desire is true to Highest Self, with you now, three feet behind, or all around, or above and beyond bodily functions…this is the lowest, your Highest should ever contemplate…

2 thoughts on “Puppets In Charge

  1. Tre I dare not say all that this piece has done for me… blow my mind with the first line. I wrote:
    Free me Free me
    Oh IAM the master of mine own ship.
    And she screamed to herself from within…
    Was that herself in another realm
    calling through?
    Alice in wonderland in
    The wizard of OZ on a
    Magick carpet ride with
    Puff the magic dragon!
    Om mani padme hum.
    One minute its a party with
    Rider on the storm, the next minute its…

    I didn’t read rest beyond that for more than a day. This evening… thinking I’m probably too faded at the moment to comprehend the rest of the piece but I ventured on. Only to be completely turned on by the end. I don’t care if anyone else reads this. It is the truth. Bravo Bravo!!

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  2. Wow, that’s great!! Warmest Congrat’s on your verses, excel! You really communicate “feeling”… Thank you for your comments, and inspirations!
    Truly appreciated!


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