What Do We Know

Your lower mind, should you decide to accept it, and if it’s not too far gone already, debates to remain in captivity of the temporary, or stay rooted in elementaries.  Form in the realm of constant change, while remaining the subtle body within, etherical that resides wherever it likes, inside, when storms rise into conditions to suffer, the Resider observes the comings and goings.  One of its limbs, one of the branches of a tree, when grown into matter rather than abstaining from it except to survive within its environment, transplanted but knowing, it leads your growing.  Grow out, towards, or against the wind…or become the prevalent within.

Equinox Springs into precession as Moon glows to Feelers below begin to internalize the swelling of an upcoming Shadow that brings Light to northern lights in a rainbow array of colours to absorb the oncoming resonance that embraces and locks in-place any conceptions of time , but of a space to travel within, an opened door to entertain, a mental state that dissolves current ones, and reality as we don’t know it.

Reach, branch out, above and beyond what you see, not feel inside what you may become.  Growth is a given, fertilized naturally in waves breathed in whole heartfully.  Plant, and grow up…


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