Numbers play a Roll

23.38 to 11 a number to a  figure, infinity smiles to One, in the end of that moment of seeing the conceived counted time, not real, solely the lampost it points to, humans’ time out thrown out the window and just noticing tricks to Pavlov’s dogs…not a humane invention afterall. Not for keeping on-track, but riding on rails of your own making and choosing when loosened from it’s containment.

Observer wheys in ever-so-lightly, as a feather, to unveil different directions and opportunities for advancement, not as a trained dog but as in a feline’s stalking, one paw in front of the other perceiving next moves based on perceptions of where and how the perception oversees the direction, not being directed or cohersed into one lane, but the entire field in which to all comings and goings, narrowing the view to potential futures…

Equinox comes to flow evermore through the Deeps’ manipulations of clouds, skies, and artificial weather in concentrated places with views that don’t suit you.  All done to no avail, as veils don’t hide in lies, truth does.

Newborn queens and crowns to kings too noble to wear them, from now on… As the Deep curses Sparks within the unjoined to propoganda and wars on its citizens’ integration into systems of mass destruction, annihlation of such in our past psyche now.  Weeding continues to grow in their fields, of flowers from another Mother,  but still a brother, lightened by the darkness growing in them, and staying in our own fields, of subtle energy and awareness of all growths and fields of energies, entities…

Harvest keeps routinely occurring, from birth to death, and in-between to keep little ones on track of what’s planted out on airwaves, to grow and fester the mass in lanes on highways to hells of their own followings, and dead ends.  You should be the star in your life, not a supporting actor being played for life, working to support others.  Contrary to mens’ law, corporations are not people.  Supporting Each other, mutual benefit…when mutual is removed, it transgresses work to be profited by a non-performer, a payer, for less than its true worth.   courts don’t acknowledge feelings, nor people, that pay them to treat them that way…when the human doesn’t perform, as they’re made into by a society that forces most into corners, lanes, or best of the worst scenarios.

Spring is growing your persona, gates are opening to flooding, new life is given…or not received, to carry defaults until death departs its makeup, and lives without obligations.  Break them, dams block Flow.


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