Happy Bday, wtf?

Why would those “closest” to me, wish celebration of the body, its mindset, it’s current predicament, when time and bodies, and such wished happy thoughts are temporary, decaying, and aging…as such remarks and comments from those whom “know me”.  Farcical, at best, knot to offend the feelings of surface dwellers, that you love.  How may One break it to them, that such thoughts are dark, fallen into egotistical patterns that pave ways to staying there…in a mindset void of Spark or the highest Self.  Things as these, may not be relayed, without bending and breaking their emotional development, and rules layed down by religious masculine clowns disguised as repeaters, followers, and accepted religions that hold belief systems past their prime into dogmatism for the deranged minds caught dreaming of lesser gods that never release them from captivity.

Seems best to cut the chord, with blood relatives who put on physicality and wear topical impressions around, sharing beliefs they’re living, without spiritual question.  Psyche’s are stuck in the dark, shedding their perceived light upon others.  Sirius lies, not just in alignments and stars above, but in a half-full, half-truth outlook towards masculine-held mansions awaiting them in heaven, a home for their Sol to come home to someday… Maybe it’s best, to let the darkness play with it’s kind, and stop kneeling to their level, just to get along…

The offense taken, for pointing out the darkness they live, a slap in their face, they feel, for wishing One the best birthday, and receiving no thanks in return.  Guess it goes from losing friends, to now losing loved ones, who thought they knew me…and got an earful of suffering to humanity since birth instead.

Sorry doesn’t go very far, to an obscure one of higher Ones, ones with foundations  built, and in-place, reaching out to those that destroyed any they previously believed, or built up within long ago. What is age, when time does not exist, cept in a believers’ mindset to materialize their matters into reality. What is to condone or personally congratulate, when homelessness, poverty, wars, and propoganda suffers more than befores. I am, or aren’t I, as the suffering in them is me, or does it separate me to celebrate feeling good about not feeling for the least of us. I am, or knot. Or I am whom they wish to fit into structures that concrete clipped wings into surface dwellers that corrupt their highest Self… and wonder why those such as me aren’t on board with insanity repeating itself, but they’re the ones knot listening. Empaths keep getting crushed with words cast out, and cry their eyes wide open, they just don’t keep it in for long, as true considerations from true lovers would never allow for such hatred to go on. Sensitivities feel what is seen, and view what is felt, controlling the flow when desiring so, but not to keep or guard, merely to play with energies humans deem emotional developments.

Stifle the reasoning, with the unreasonable ones…just be quiet and welcome more suffering; a loved one doesn’t know you, nonsense attempting a real relationship; go through nonsensical notions or break away and bruise hearts; and survive, in the quiet, of the crowded noises, whispers, and rumors that brand you less than them…wtf, happybday, aren’t we just humans anyway.

It was once asked of our deviance, how we would describe ourSelf, answered back in the exhale, “that we make others uncomfortable…with themselves”. What other reply may be given, or perceived by others, when foundations, consciousness, and realities reside in different planes of existence, thinking, and beliefs. Who gets to decide…who and what is acceptable, and what is real, when only fragments are being developed in human heads.

Some bodies celebrate their birthing achievements, while some settle-in to a masculine world and join in the building of structures, beliefs, and systems.  ones look on…wondering what experiences, fables, and stories bodies tell when spirit is abandoned for personal triumphs, wallowing in suffering, or trapped in psyches that won’t allow spiritual maturity. Nothing against any one, just not in our Stars to keep our thoughts and prayers on ground dwellings that keep you there… remaining grounded to Her, we sprout up and out amongst the weeds in their fields, plowing through their bs and cracking religious foundations spun by storytellers to capture perceptions to follow faithfully, rather than spiritually. 

Do they celebrate life, accomplishments, or as group reflections the individual…did they forget, or not realize, the human is an unholy mess, that fell from grace, due to it’s desire to stay there, in its desires and pride? Why would one not of materialities celebrate such unholiness, year after year…

In the Beginning, was only another fabricated lie that scripted minions to follow and bow to nonsensical priests that rape their congregations routinely, physically, with little boys, and mentally, with so-called grown ups that look the other way when preachers are demons in the midst of innocence, and fanatics are mainstream. Relevance is beholden their faiths, not truths, as hypocrisy evidences their living, and lying, to themselves and others who don’t believe in words and a world scripted before we got here…

There exists no beliefs, when a humans’  existence hindges on believing what keeps lying to them from previous ages now used as ulterior motives for approval to commit atrocities.

When egos lie down their heads, maniacs walk through their dreams, thinking the maniacs are the ones they look at, when reflection obscures itself from dreamers seeing themselves as heros slaying their Selves.  Spirit doesn’t walk, believe, or fantasize what gets played out in deranged minds that think they may stabilize and be comforted with psychotic tendencies that promote abuses to empaths whom don’t believe in anything except morals and consideration of others whom don’t consider any outside their own beliefs.

Pick a side, a religion, a view, belief, or structure…man made it all, submissing  feminine and corruption follows his saints, prophets, and followers to the end of their lines. Humans, that believed they were doing the right thing, telling fables and stories to children who grew up with false perceptions of reality.  Now pointers, accusers, dictators, abusers, and destroyers that convulse the rest in Us to celebrate in their corruptions. To support another state, of conscious, when hypocrisy rules, meets the definition of insane…but I Am deemed the crazy, potential suicidal maniac… that makes them uncomfortable to realize that they are more than they think, or celebrate. 




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