Loving Mothers

Mother’s Day, is always here with us, never leaving before nurturing loved ones and gluing all together with a passion that always begins and never ends to make us better grown ups.  Birth of love and devotion always returns to its roots to care for its outcomes…

Do children really know what’s Given, when ones’ essence is forged from its belly for an uncomfortable eternity to finally give excruciating pain away to a crying baby that eminates from her essence that delivers innocence into a chaotic world that only begins her suffering, taken on whole-heartedly and committed to a life that provides a security blanket of warmth to its nurtured ones that never fully acknowledge or embrace Her devotion, sacrifices, and courage.  Continually taking challenges and obstacles to task, as the tasks continually out-weigh the Mother whom sees none when looking into a babe’s eyes that only see Her, as nothing exists, outside survival, in a world where only a Lover and her offspring exist.

From birth throughout life, children grow up to routinely make life more difficult than it need be to the One that always tries to make life more satisfying and less trying for all others at Her anguished expense. Day after day, months to years, to life’s endearment, when considered, in which their all was formed, raised, learned, contrived, compromised, suffered, and strained into what they’ve become…from whining, stinking diapers, to whining stinkers, to occasional whiners that love, lose, and win, and begin to realize who and what they’re made of, and recognize a Mother… where loins grow and come from, and become lives… filled with tribulations, joys, loss, and recovery, to future fathers and Mothers…that began as Lovers, when two fragile, innocent eyes looked into the eyes of its Mother for the very first time, and pierced her soul, to always hold their shared essence forever, gently, in caring arms that nurture creativity and matures the growth given and received by both.

Nature is deemed Mother as it provides and sustains life. Naturally, Moms bare and bore our brunt unconditionally, to provide the best opportunities for little ones to raise themselves successfully, into grown ups.

Whether expressed verbally, or not, children care to return gratitude, thanks, and loving appreciation of the heroin that never gets called out for giving everything to us…

Thank you, Happy Mother’s Day 💕💐


*although we don’t have a role model, truth is evidence that no belief is necessary, and may not be veiled to Sparks void of darkness projected or beaten into them by others.







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