Mother Natures’ Pagans

The eighth day of a Pagan’s new year, May day to most, begins on the stroke of twelve, on their calendar 2019.  Resurrected honouring Her on the third day (adding twelve). This cycle is a third time cycle…look in the past to figure out futures occurring themes.

Eleven is the vibration that completes the rising, and falling of the Sun, above and below and inside ones frequency to emit higher thoughts than last year. Empathetic Pagans catch a drift from Her mental imprint that All is well and brewing above and below the surface of materialists that keep going about their normal routines to get further ahead in their falling behinds.  Nature is removed, or was never allowed-in, or considered an energy source to draw upon by self-professed co-creators that destroy and plunder their psyche, until their Spirit is not of theirs, but man-made, into structures, beliefs, buildings, and systems that wind up to clog humans’ brain to remain in physical and ideological appearances  and success-driven promotions to worship  bodies and altered states of consciousness, removed of natural abilities, transformed into an artificial intellegence.  some now complain that AI may take-over mankind…when it already has, spiritually.

Eleven demands higher than dwelling in beliefs, so Earth will raise their awareness, by confounding them with events meant to coitus institutional scientific foundations, the information controllers, that spread what they lie into books, foundations, and society.  Prophets and Channelers begin to cry again, as their books predicted the end…sooner, or later, here we go again.  Note, these discarnates are voices and concoctions in heads, relayed within two-party opinions, mixed in truths.  There’s two or more in their frequency, so who interprets the messages through opinionated declarations when one eradicates the other.

Dreamers, who’ve never remembered them until now, visit un-grounded humans’ heads, increasing opinions and unfounded allegations that keep spinning zones that profit from followings of ascended masters, that exclude feminine peers.  Don’t they ascend too, or is this a boys only club that looks down on humans being trafficked?  Cycles aren’t observed by mortals, when following beliefs that lead to the evidence, and facts may be interpreted, as truth is in their beholdings…scewed by occult forces, veiled to blind perceptions’ obsession with proving their suspicions.  Intuition evades locks and flashlights on such findings…not of we. 

Tricksters are preying on meditations, and prayers are Being-answered by suicide pacts, that only serve their masters’ interests.  Alignments are not in the stars, but in spaces that begin as a transmission, and graduates to drive the engine of the human.  Why will so many be driven, indoctrinated in other ways, or commit their Selves… to a pre-ordained destiny that uses them…

As the destroyer in some dissolves masculine foundations built by others, co-creators continue blindly building veils to disguise larger perceptions, that they carry-on with, keep digging, or piggyback to their logic… procrastinating higher consciousness.  Heretics are guarding their incarcerations, and passing on keys given to them that provides release, as they’re not trying to break out of the mold that casts them, but to unrest All others who don’t follow their leads.

Clouds etch the skies, as darker contrasts, like a substance leaking out of a bottle, spilling in the atmosphere to drift by and condense and join into differing forms as it plays out in the sky to mix with the rest, all drifting by at different speeds, levels, and forms.  The Observer doesn’t feel, nor conclude… white, puffy clouds and darker, thin ones remain clouds of differing degrees that float around.  The white puff doesn’t carry more weight than darker ones, and mixtures commingle to start their own new race. Channels, or focus to one conglomerate doesn’t clear the entire sky, but gives perspectives from one stacked deck, that sees sin in the rest of the clouds around who don’t  enjoin them…. the Observer sees obstructions to clear, blue skies, compromised by cloud’s intentions. And focused entities with judgements, rather than Higher beings. Remember, Fallen are also helped up by strangers, angels, and demons from beyond sight.  Empaths weigh in gently, the lesser of two evils is no different a choice than the highness of realms and entities in other dimensions. They’re all still just clouds drifting by…some call out to obscure clear, blue skies and not raise but lower physical conditions of the channel.  Lowering the depth of our survival to attractions of an intended conscious. 

Shade the Sun,

The Sol always remains, and burns through clouds, eventually.

Darken the Sky,

The consciousness always remains, and survives the deluge, in time.

Excrete your paints upon the atmospheric canvas,

The Observer always remains, and sees through artificial Magi that war space.

Channel ascension through bodies,

The Empath always feels the humans’ remains, rotting the core through possession that doesn’t take a back seat to obsession.

Skies display what’s marked upon them, clouds casting shadows, light, or conditions and reactions that worship signs, forms, and communication keepers.  Sparks view skies to observe Her, and all contaminates.  A directed energy “higher” than its conductor trips the breaker, except when left on to consort the wiring, frying the mainframe… life-force vampirism invited in for lessons that don’t improve lives.  Clouds, in skies, that are benevolent benefactors or manevolent storms, they’re All just passerbys when they remain drifters, not symbols, formations, nor entities that limit perceptions or a humans’ conditions, and exhalt the channel.  The relationship isn’t mutual, a conductor must make the Sol sacrifice, to benefit the Clouds that don’t suffer, only their skies and conditions do.




















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