Rainy daze

Rain pours down on snow capped mountains and valleys below elevations that freeze what lands above them, to nurture growth below such heights of mass stature that cuddle, and help beings survive the extreme elements weathered into previous tranquil scenes to change scenarios in All who listen to sense what flows through the current climate.  Working below the scenes, to enhance natural abilities to grow in Sparks who grow in it, not of it.  Surviving winters’ body, and thriving in Spirit to realize omniportance to realize what you really are… a human in bondage, a successful materialist, spirit humanized into the subconcious’ seat, or an aware that’s contained in physicalities that continually whip the psyche of such combatants not going-along with ancestral and extra-terrestrial lines and missions… trans, by definition, in molecular structure mutations.   why must an outside source always be higher, more spiritually developed, and possess more knowledge than we… Empath checks in, “to recruit followers”.  There exists no greater heights or knowledge than within Ones’ owned sensing, when not feeling personal sensations or other entities eying our intentions and personal development.

From rain drizzles to isolated thunderstorms that crash down, flooding streets, trees, and lands, All will affect us in one way, or another, especially when they dry-up.  Hints, and allegations, from another Source, claiming there’s only One.  That may be for your resonance, then, the huddled mass that follows such beliefs from what little ones deem higher… Best wishes on your way home. Why did you leave, if home in heaven is from where you were drawn and quartered from into a reality that causes bondage and suffering…seems masochistic, to some of us. You chose this life, as a mission, from your higher self, and overSol?  Keep repeating, and living a life that goes to comfort itself in the stars when its body dies, after the mission is complete… One can’t makeup stories such as this perception, given by alien and religious scholars, sold in books and movements.  To conclude, assumptions lead some to stay mentally positive, to raise the vibration of the planet, so they may “go home” someday to join their God Source, the same entity in which alien and religious “wisdom” was concocted and resides, and help others believe in your faith? From preachers…of old school, new age, from another dimension, or through wars to burn fanatics…Sirius ly? rinse, soak, repeat…these lines are always used, updated, and repeated to different crowds, followers, and generations.  Has mass consciousness matured to higher realms since this trash-talk was invented…seems to One that wars and rumors of wars have evidenced different outcomes than prescribed, for as long as most of us have been alive…keep preaching, and repeating…has to come true eventually…

Ascended masters that don’t help others, alien abductors that twist words and dna, biblical transgressors and governments that evidence blasphemy and hypocrisy, or repeaters…the Messiah is not coming… “he” is at-hand, within, rising to arise, or knot…and is not a he, but beyond such notions and potions of differences in the sexes, but in the none of being a gender identity.  No waiting, following, nor believing… concentrate on their teachings, and disregard truths. Not hidden in parables, or pre-history told by liars. Higher Ones, don’t hide truths or themselves. Truth does not require digging for it, nor following another’s.

Truth is You. Nothing else is.  All outside one is perceptions, fragments, and lies.  This is why each “be lieve” (be life) different ly.  Resonance is a feeling, a sense, don’t stay there. It’s a leader, not a follower, don’t join. Build, rebuild, destroy…you. Life is your owned, possessed, obsessed, reaching, and rejecting unholy mess that doesn’t need to be saved or delivered.  Be you.  no make up or faces to put on, to play out with others, then take off when you get back home from a night-out.  We are home. Suffering, conquering, failing, loving, and hating every moment that changes directions, emotions, and lives that dreamt things would be different, somehow.  You are your highest Self, like it, or knot. Floating around in your dreams, constantly mentally anguishing, or praying for more.

If repeating is necessary….repeat this internally…”why do gods, aliens, demons, popes, politicians, propoganda, or other entities want to possess us, or get our agreement?”  (spark is jailed, no longer to be your Self, but what you’ve been made to believe in, someone else’s Self now to help build and maintain their structure, not yours)

Umbrellas never open when inspiration and potential growth is freely given from above, from clouds that rain down our cheeks, and drown any previous thoughts keeping the mind busy.  Drips run down the face, while rain soaks the hair, and runs onto lips, dripping into a mouth that swallows parts the torrent, into tastes that cleanse previous darkness.  Spring cleaning is upon us, and it starts within… growing up, and out, not to be stunted in growths, by outside or Deep players that are signing up agreements, and contracts.








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