Sending Intentions

As time is perceived, long gaps have occurred since minds were full of a Loved one that now cries out from afflictions to Ones that have lapsed their hearts, minds, of their awareness, busy about their lives nurturing other loved ones and making strides towards daily tasks, goals, and endeavors, when a cry out from the past reminds us what slipped out of our heart…with all the busy-bee-ing and running around.   

Dearest ones, out of sight and mind, turn into passing thought waves from inside-out, to holidays and get-togethers, that slow down the pace, to make space, in hearts and minds that are filled with business and priorities, and who we make time to stop for…to love…fill our hearts…and help bring blissful stabilization to emotional rollercoasters that we ride throughout life.  And come to a complete stop, before we unbuckle and remove ourSelves from outside tracks that rail us away from Loved ones… that hurt, suffer, and weaken their structures… bodies that aren’t what they used to be, and tolls that make it’s frailty into a patient’s suffering.

But true Love always comes through… matters, such as distance and disconnect, are tables easily turned over by Lovers…  Empathy, consideration, and feelings steer the driver to the destination you really never left in the first place…home, is the heart…when and where we embrace the deepest spaces in us, and warm those who raise our hearts in-return, when see them, or think of them, and keep them.

Returns, reminders, and life’s unwinders bring the heart back to a steady beat, that’s deeper, from now-on, and true to its recipients, that You have enough Love to flow through all of them… close, far, in daily routines, or out of the blue… Nurturing is endlessly given, but never runs out, from a Love poured out onto another loved one.

Blessings and prayers of peace and love go out, friends sending your way to swell inner strength, stamina, and convictions… that support you, your heart, body and soul, to carry the load you now bare out for Loved ones that no longer miss you, but embrace your Love, and carry your hearts’ desires out to be with them…while the rest of us hold your heart where it may never leave, or be missed…inside us, until your return.

Little ones, with small conceptions of larger perceptions…love, and hearts do not leave where comforted, held, and snuggled up. Only their bodies come and go, as feelings may not be contained in people, places, or things.  Once the heart is captured, the absence of its giver does not skip a beat, only its receivers degree of faith in your hearts embrace when its carrier isn’t there in-person, to speak the evidence left behind, of a love always open to memorialize and bring two hearts together, when bodies can’t be.  Receivers forget that they were given love forevermore, with strings left attached to always send more when needed. And Givers leave pieces of their heart all-around, always seeking fullfillment and content from a bottomless source of warmness that hearts give out, to loved ones.






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