Whip marks occur, as lessons are served, up to loved ones outside of the One that doesn’t deserve any of the suffering that comes from the marks made to bare the cross upon the Ones that scar the flesh and flames that won’t go out, until first, aid, then treatment…of the patient One.  Life-changing waves have been placed into the universe, that alters physicalities, moves mountains, alters realities and futures, without anyone knowing it… to loved ones whom paths have now been altered, and changed forever, whether loved ones come to understand it, or knot.

Oblivious to the plight of another, or forgetting to arrive on the scene of One cast out, discards the empaths’ need to exist, or work within such a structure that does not recognize, or care for its existence, or works.  Observer weighs in, to offer a tissue paper that dries eyes but stops the flow that’s causing hurt to it’s carrier.  Feelings no longer grow, where Spirit is refrained from fully expressing its Self, and left waiting in the aisle, until its due-date had long passed…left standing alone, and wondering why people keep containing, putting a lid or label on, or bullying a Spark that never goes out.

Minding its own, and owning it’s works, Spark expresses and leaves impressions, and loving intentions.  Abstaining from harm to others, self-gratification, and gutter thinking, seems to bring out the masculinity in others that many clearly evidence, but never possess centered…

The rest in us will continually be tested, from perspectives in others that have no current vision, of nurturing Ones amongst them, that souly desire, to support loved and friendly ones, who allow Ones to keep playing and wondering, rather than stifling their playground… wonder of a child… is matured, stopped, given up, lost, enhanced, or forgotten.  But some of us never came in after curfew…nor have forgotten, what it is to remain in the heart of a child 🙏



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