As Darkness Falls, and Lies…

Spirit stays fallen in most, but always seeking wings and light as the Deep cripples the truth staging coups as they usually do, under each political eye that really aren’t different from each other afterall.  The Right and Left build their walls and beliefs veiled in backdoor comprised representations from bodies void of Spark, now comforted by dark forces that keeps wars rumored and alters news to propogandize their views to the mass. It was only a matter in their time, that spying on all other nations would eventually lead to a surveyance state of it’s own citizenry.  Fear of dissents keeps more than fifty percent of taxes to keep the military complex armed and seeking more combatants in space, their final frontier to rape, pillage, and corrupt at our monitary expense and to the next axis of evil they caused or invented to bring in imperialism democratically, via their latest coup success or attempt that births fanatics who object to integration into a system that lies for its existence.

Meanwhile, the mass unwind their minds from daily grinds with daily propoganda from so-called news outlets that are co-conspirators, using talking points, opinions, and theories to spin allegations into political directions that their audience agrees to crucify the latest infidel they invented, and their jury commits to enemies of Patriots. Now that’s entertainment!

When do human thoughts and minds rest, and start their day mentally centered, as views, news, and lives get scewed by governmental and institutional liars while citizens are just attempting to keep their families’ housed, fed, and in the black, but usually end up in the red, or worries of the next bills that need to be paid through their pennants.

With such larger pictures going on, One barely notices the false witness among them… The daughter’s other half, inventing and spreading lies and rumors to all listeners that bend an ear towards personal propoganda attacks, rumored to start battles within the ranks of workers and wherever their tongues may repeat the process, of convicting an innocent…without ever knowing them…only what they hear, from a condemned man that attacks the backs of other humans they deem not like them.

Forgiving, but not forgotten brings empathy in to cut the chords that attach no more, to families, mass, or state sponsored characters whom witness all others, and treat themselves as the exception… hypocrisy lives among us, disguised, in darkness, until their lies add up to bury them alive in their poisoned fruits, rotting at their core.

All fun and games for bullying until someone gets hurt, and giving a scarlett letter to another, but not out in the open for all eyes to see…typical, rumors of whores. Immoral humans, not acting, but pretending to be what you see.  While the truth of the original sin is spewed out by lips that lie behind backs of oblivious intuitions, then hide in plain sight with christian beliefs and masculinity that doesn’t like girls, cept as lessers.

Sol consolation is that the Others will be awaiting him now, to snatch upon leaving this physical plane, “with gnashing teeth…”.  Fate lends a hand, while making One endure and suffer justice and injustice simultaneously.  The false witness birthed and bore the story, and the way it played out. So why do the innocent suffer, either way…

Always darkened others, usually self-professed christians,  pulling One into their stories, with fabrications and inuendos to keep lies alive and ears wanting more dirt that was never there in the first place, until invented by the profiteers.

People get off, or attempt to raise themselves as they lower Others’ views of another not in their clan.  Is this jealousy, pride of self, or stroking ego’s at an innocence’ expense?  Seems they have differing reasons for calling and falling further into psychological and moralities of dying. Living, off lies, peddles notions and fabrications into prejudices that have no previous reason for consideration or existence within others, now turned juries and executioner, built on gossip and thrown out for approval, by spiritual heretics.






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