Confused Mothers

Shots ring out again, as tears begin again to notice outside events that personally affect them and their families. Living among serial killers, and never considering it…and I’m told these are sensitive peoples (what a farce of hypocritical finger-pointers). Killers, living with their Mothers, who don’t understand them now, but did before, or so they assumed, until now, when playing comes outside to play with hearts and minds for real…in shopping malls, sanctuaries, and schools.

Offspring being committed full-time into Gamers at early ages, because that type of babysitting is better…in their mothers’ minds, anyway.  Meanwhile, in the background, news yells, pointing out immigrants, other races, and political feuds. Oh well, time for dinner…fast food again, to feed bellies, not heads. Okay, long enough to be together, break away on your own now to be with what keeps them away from each other…

If such a mass existence is filled with moms and dads who don’t understand what they are feeding their children, and killing them in classrooms and public places, why outlaw their guns?  They maintain a lifestyle that bore little children into doing the killing, of others not of their skin color.  While prejudical parents and children masters today’s world… reflections end up outside.

The Song Remains the Same

kept within preachings, parenting, schooling, and politicized propogandized news and government military complexes whom get paid to keep it this way.  So what and who will parents and politicians attempt to outlaw now, and lock up?

Empaths are Being squeezed out of this world…it’s nonsensical to believe in such an existence as this that continually plays out and never ends. Why blame the children, when they’re killing what society points out… immigrants, and Others not of US.

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