Sheep, Of Another Fold..

I Am Destroyer within this One. I Am Blasphemy to foundations, footings, strong-holds, and hypocritical oathers. Endings bring new beginnings to the aging, as cycles keep churning and burning what’s oblivious to them, or opposingly battling their inevitably.

I Am the Lover within this One, that completes We. We r Confrontor to bullies and band-aids, predators and feeders, animal and human instincts, and masculinity. the Least of We is in we. The most They can do, is seek the other weigh… 

I am the higher side, that resides lower inside. I am fathoms below conscious, but always present in every moment  irregardless of it, nor any conscious activity. we un-thread hidings and seekings in dreams to awakening.

…a gemini, a sagittarius, and a virgo walk into a bar… we came out, as we don’t drink. we don’t know what became of them, but I Am out in the abyss, winging it…now, taurus and scorpio are seated inside for this go-round, as earth and the Lam are riding in the most High..

Come out of Babylon, Babel, and remove the make-up and foundations layed and etched upon minds and flesh, skin-depths and emotional baggage, as the masks and veils must be taken find the stone the builders rejected… the hidden, within, after makeup and foundations are removed.

We have descended into these depths, so ascension is the only way out. Ascension is lighter, as Air feels weights to be discarded, bobbing and rising above attachments that anchor or bring down wonderers to participate in muddy waters.

we are Sheep of An Other Fold, tups and ewes in harmony with the Father whom sent Me saith the Good Shepherd, Receiver, of sheep and flocks, brothers and sisters from another mother that aren’t followers but Suns that Love One Another, drawing tears from the Empath standing in the flock of wolves, thieves, and robbers. I Am the Way, not the Ruler, as the Comforter resides in Thee Love.

A Friend, without end, not of this world age, withheld from Evil, He in we, as we are within Them. The end, may be read from the beginning..and begin without end.


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