Buddha Was Favoured

11.11.12 (11.11.2019) the Poorest amongst us beg at castle doors for food, the prince inside practices lowering himself to their level and raising his awareness to divinity, the pampered inside gets the nod and favour of so-called higher perceptions, from a inner place that was previously fed and housed without a consideration of beggars and slaves to the system his previous generations venerated at our expenses…

Why would divinity favour a noble, while suffering persists just outside the door of wealth? Divinity is a perspective, a higher path, of little ones that dream of more in this life…and used by nobility for re-purposing.  Princes, learning and teaching the poor to beg and pray, doesn’t teach anything, except to ones who never before conceived empty bellies and lower thoughts that come out of its sufferings.  His entire story was just that…a fable made onto sufferers to keep the castle from being broken into.  Teaching a path that ignores a birth unnatural to poverty does nothing for the least in us, only blinds and separates them from the most in them.  Buddha is an oxy-moron that became a religion, initiated by the rich, again.  Now millions follow the rich bastards’ son that gave up his living arrangements…quite different, than never having a conception of what it is to be rich.  No uprisings occur from poverty, when the sun is sacrificed to enjoin them, and follow a storyline made to forget their oppressors.

The Empath wipes feet at the door of Him, and cleanses the toes of mine Sol. oh yea of little faith, as the fable goes..you see the sun and moon, feel their vibrations slightly slanted, while transit planets play through your sun worshipping. When do Mutable planets equinox, conjunct, or shadow or overrule vessels’.. Mercury, is on the move, played the Fool, the Player, the extension of Others plays only on the surface. no masons’ fool, cast the Builders, as the Destroyer plays hide and seek, And larger bodies who pull strings and attach Them from Legions. Stirring the pot in castles, raising the Dead in us, and spotlighting shadows of Mordor.

Sticks and stones return from Followers, burning another heretic at the stake and releasing the Criminal instead. Destroyer cares, but truth dares to enlightened and closes doors to believe contrary foundations built as evidence to hypocrisy that keeps following memories..the good ol’ daze.


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